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We conclude our series on atheism by touching on an objection to divine authority. Nobel prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg declares:
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Authority is necessary. It is a requirement of nature. Anarchy is a Platonic ideal which cannot truly exist. Without a government strong enough to protect inalienable rights, strong individuals will assert themselves upon the weak. The more successfully individuals can govern themselves – which is to say, restrain themselves from violating the...
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QUOTE Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. — John Quincy Adams
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Despite the etymology of the word “atheism,” which does connote a lack of belief, atheism is expressed as a belief contrary to theism. It is a position on a factual scientific question. Some atheists are quite honest on this point. Consider English biologist Richard Dawkins, perhaps the most prominent agent of The New Atheism:
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In Part I: Why Theism Matters, we explored the relevance of theism to politics. We saw that one’s regard for God affects their political ideology, and is therefore subject to the frank and open criticism common in political discourse.
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