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RightNation.US: So are they going to burn King Saud in effigy instead? - RightNation.US

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The permanently angry Muslin street was burning Rev. Jones in effigy because he was going to destroy the Koran. When are they going to protest the Saudi government destroying the Koran. It is well known that if you enter Saudi Arabia with more than one Bible all but one gets destroyed. It is not as well known if you enter Saudi Arabia with a non-Wahhabi Koran it gets destroyed as well and you get a new wahhabi Koran. It does not matter how old or if it is a family heirloom. It goes into the shredder.

It is like if you entered Italy with a King James Bible and the Italian authorities shredded your Bible and gave you a Catholic Bible

I remember reading about how the Saudis treat the Koran back when the Muslin street protested the flushing of a Koran. A report that turned out to be false. The weekly standard had an article: http://www.weeklystandard.com/content/publ...05/642eforh.asp

So when are the angry Muslin street going to burn King Saud in effigy for destroying the Koran?

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No one expects the Muslin Inquisition!

Especially the Muslims visiting Mecca with the wrong copy of the Koran.
Right after the "Arab Street" does something about the millions of muslims that other muslims have murdered over the centuries. And that total increases every year, as muslims kill one another because their great-great grand something was disrespected in some manner or other, decades ago.
In other words, don't hold you breath.
Which I know you weren't doing anyway.
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