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Last week a few of the towns near where I work lost power. Fortunately enough the store I work at is in a town that did not loose power. Unfortunately people found out we had electricity and free WIFI.

People, I could not call them customers (customers make purchases), were commandeering any electrical outlet they could find for their laptops. We spent the next few days stepping over costumers huddled by outlets. Some would stare at you and tighten their grip on their computer as you walked past. Others were so absorbed in what they were doing never even acknowledged the employees or customers as they tried to get around them.

The manager finally did have enough when a group of people was trying to set up a makeshift office where we had recently removed some of our registers. One of them told the manager that as a public place he had a right to be there. The manager let him know it was a private business and that if he did not remove his equipment he was calling the police. I had made the joke to the store manager we should hang up signs saying the WIFI is free, but the outlets we will rent out for $100 an hour.

I might have understood and been sympathetic with them if they were quickly checking their emails and leaving, but most of them were in one spot all day long. I guess it is part of our culture of entitlement. You have what I want, and if you do not share it with me I am just going to take it.

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Well, we know exactly how to round up nerds if we need to.
I probably would have induced a power failure until the locusts moved to the next pasture.
With self-absorbed idiots like these is it really amazing Dumbo and other communists get elected?
That is insane.
I think I would have showed up at their table with a bill. I do like your idea of $100 an hour.
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