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Is it possible for me to fall more in love with Riga and Latvia every day? I think so. It has been a fantastic few weeks in our new country and over the last week, have really started to feel like we belong here---even though I am probably wandering around with a gaping mouth astounded at all the wonderful things this little country has to...
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Odds and ends and a new iMac

Sorry to my readers for the long delay, but bear with the few new postings because one is of a VERY EXCITING event that I was invited to! Be sure to check them all out!
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Who is "mom"?

Been getting out and about the last few days. Found a nice new friend for my 4.5yr old. He's the son of my husband's colleague from England. The boys got a long really well playing on Tuesday and his mom called me later that night to say that her son is behaving like he has a new girlfriend talking so much about my son and wanting to...
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I'm Still Here

Hello, readers:
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Well, today has been a good day. My last posting yesterday morning was from our Saturday experience. Yesterday though, I just couldn't muster up the strength to do much. It makes me feel so guilty to get frustrated because the kids are all smiles no matter what the circumstances are. They don't understand when mommy looks sad. But,...
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