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Hello, readers.
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On my Facebook page, I like to link snippets from news sources and sometimes my "status" update reflects something I've seen in the news. For example, before the inauguration I posted my status as:
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I signed up before the '04 election to participate in the online Zogby polls. I figured, since I'm not in the States to take the phone polls, this would perhaps get my voice out another way.
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One of my favorite ways to spend an hour in Mumbai is to wander into the neighborhood Crossword bookstore conveniently located just down the street from my apartment building. This week, they've got a great sale going on: 80% off selected titles. Because I'm a good customer (signed up for a membership), Crossword sent over a messenger...
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Important: I have not seen this movie as it won't be released in India until Jan 23rd. The following opinion is based on a review article and not a criticism of the movie which I truly look forward to seeing!
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