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RightNation.US: Deep Down They're Geeks: Goldmanites Dominate Big Scavenger Hunt - RightNation.US

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Deep Down They're Geeks: Goldmanites Dominate Big Scavenger Hunt
By Amanda L Gordon
September 18, 2017
© Bloomberg, L.P.

For the first time, some of my associates participated in this event. Beings neophytes, their mid-field finish was respectable. Congratulations to the Goldman teams which swept the top three spots; it's a feather in their cap when polishing up their resumés. ;-)


… It's not the typical image of a Wall Street dealmaker's Saturday on the town. Yet the scavenger hunt, a fundraiser for the nonprofit Good Shepherd Services, has still found its base. Each year's iteration brings into the open the endearing dorkiness of the people who, increasingly, populate top firms: science and math majors reared on video games, hot on problem solving, now writing algorithms and using quantum mechanics to eke out a slight edge on market swings…

The race started with a telegram from Col. John Tiltman, a World War II codebreaker, urgently seeking help for Bletchley Park. "Please assign your top NYC analyst teams. Decrypting this critical intercept likely to end war and ensure victory." Then came a line of code of 40 characters and a clue that all that was needed to finish the game was in the telegram.

Here's a look at some of the puzzles -- and the foibles -- that followed:…

Read article.

I'm not sure I could have helped much with the puzzles but I am fairly comfortable in a kayak!


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