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RightNation.US: Can someone explain to me the difference between Cain and Clinton - RightNation.US

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It is funny how the MSM is telling us how a serial adulterer can't be trusted and would not make a good President. When Clinton was found out to be the MSM was telling us how a serial adulterer had traits that would make him a good President.

So besides Herman Cain being an African-American Republican who left the plantation what is the difference between them?

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If someone is a serial adulterer he'd have trouble being elected as a Republican because Republicans have morals. The issue is irrelevant to Democrats because if they do have morals they only expect people they disagree with to live by them.
The difference is that Clinton HAD to be protected because he was one of them. Cain must be destroyed unmercifully because he destroys their talking points that Republicans are racists and want black people to die.
One was and "is" guilty, and one is being framed.
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