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As the Dust Clears

Since I'm in the roughly 50% of Americans who believes future U.S. Presidents shouldn't do lunch with terrorists, I woke up this morning tempted to dress all in black. That just seemed apropos--dressing in black to signify my mood, and even more appropriately, that I was in mourning. On the day after a history-making night (America electing its first full-blown Socialist to the office of President) there seemed little cause for joy and even less reason to go to work.

But now it's almost 2:10 in the afternoon. I survived the worst of this day, like the rest of the 50% that voted for McCain/Palin. I'm back, but my wounds are still bleeding, and the pain is still beyond anything that human-made medication or even the voodoo of socialized medicine can do for me. Surely, we will all heal eventually. We WILL live to fight another day.

Anyway, I was actually seeking something else in the dictionary when I happened to find--in its entirety, yet!--the Declaration of Independence. During some downtime at work, I skimmed parts of it. Now, that document has always been precious. It is, without a doubt, a masterpiece. There have been times when it has seemed nothing short of sacred. I won't quote from it here, but I encourage all to read it again.

Today, especially, it struck me that the Declaration of Independence was written by men who'd lived through days as bleak as November 5, 2008. It was written to protect people just like you and me. It was written by men who I'm sure had their share of differences and passionate arguments. The Declaration of Independence was written with much sacrifice of the part of the founding fathers, since creating it marked as enemies of the very tyrant from whose iron grip they were trying to wrest this young country.

I count myself today in the roughly 50% of Americans who still are in awe of the courage and the defiance it took to create that document. I am proudly in that 50% who believe that no single man is greater or more significant than the rights we have always enjoyed. I am one small, humble part of the about 50% of Americans who value freedom above cheap handouts.

Some would say that faith in God is outdated. The soon-to-be Commander-in-Chief (please stop laughing) would agree with that, as he has vocally disdained all those who "cling to their God." I choose to cling to the One True God, rather than to his god, which evidently can be found sneering back at him in his mirror. From this day forward, I will cling more closely to Him than ever before.

I will continue to blog and to stand for freedom and for all that is right. I know that, compared to those who have for over 200 years laid down their lives for those freedoms, whatever I do in this fight remains as small as a grain of sand. It's of comfort to know that I won't be alone, that there are hundreds of thousands making up that 50% (or so).

The spirit of surrender was never found in those heroes who died for freedom over the course of this nation's history. May it never found in any of us.

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May we always remember those who have come before and those who are still dying for our freedom.
Hey, I did dress in black...and if you knew how unflattering black is on me...you'd appreciate the sacrifice
Thank you guys! And Susan--I came REAL close to doing it, too! :usa:
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