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Of course it's not.
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By Thursday, I imagine you're all feeling like this...
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I watched about an hour of the Voting Rights Conference on C-SPAN2. It's the DOJ and IRS primer on what they can and can't say during the election.
- - - - -
Jonah Goldberg thinks it would be a great idea:
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But there are idiots like Coolio who can't get on board with that.
- - - - -
I don't give a fiddler's fart what they say. But the Department of Justice, the ACLU and Eric Holder care enough that they're going to have a little meeting to explain exactly what black pastors can and cannot get away with during the election:
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This is where you find notebook worthy links to stories and information, and list them for me. I'll make the notebook.
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Complied at Red State.
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War movies seem to be television's way of honoring our fallen on Memorial Day weekend. I guess that's well enough. It seems a bit on the nose and focus grouped at the same time. But I don't see what else they can do.
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After two years, I still can't listen to this without tearing up.
- - - - -
An article from Yale's alumni magazine...
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