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Help Topic: Why Become a Community Supporter?

Why become a Community Supporter?

New users should first read the New User Intro and "What do all the different User Groups mean?" for an overview of RightNation.US.

By donating as little as $15, you will gain added privileges on the forum and join over 700 people who have shown their commitment to this fine community of conservative Americans.
    Your posts will proudly show one of the following Community Supporter icons:

      - $500 (Lifetime)

      - $250 (Lifetime)

      - $100 (1 Year)

      - $50 (6 Months)

      - $25 (3 Months)

      - $25 (3 Months)

      - $15 (3 Months)

      Ability to post new topics and replies on the board. (only Community Supporters can post new topics in the MAIN category of forums.)

      Ability to add and modify a text or image signature that shows up on every post

      Ability to add and modify a custom title that shows up under your username

      Ability to modify your display name

      Ability to upload your own avatar that shows up on your posts

      Ability to upload images to your posts

      Ability to input your personal profile, complete with a personal photo

      Ability to choose from several different forum skins/templates

      Use of the board Emailing system

      Expanded use of the Personal Messaging system.

      - Copper Level allowed 25 storable messages
      - Bronze & Liberal Level allowed 75 storable messages
      - Silver Level allowed 150 storable messages
      - Gold Level allowed 250 storable messages
      - Platinum & Diamond Levels allowed 500 storable messages

    For all Community Supporter levels except Copper:

      Use of the search function
      Use of our live chat
      Use of the Arcade
      Use of the Gallery
      Gold, Platinum and Diamond Level Supporters can "own" a Blog

    How to Make Your Community Supporter Donation

    Donations may be made using this page or clicking on the Purchase Paid Subscriptions link located under the Options category in your control panel. Please note: You must be logged on in order to view the donation page.

    Members that had donated prior to May 1, 2005 wishing to upgrade may do so using this page. To upgrade your existing Community Supporter level, simply donate the amount needed to bring you to the next level. If you are unsure of the amount you have in your account, please contact Lisa by PM or send an email to service-at-rightnation.us.


    Please note that PayPal will also process a payment from your checking account.

    Anonymous Donations

    Anonymous donations may be made using this page. Please be sure to add the recipient's user name in the box provided.

    All Subscription Plans

    When a subscription has come full term, it will automatically renew (if using PayPal) unless you cancel it through your PayPal control panel. If paying by check or money order, the transaction will be marked as "expired" and you can then choose to re-subscribe. Each member may only have one "live" transaction to their name, which means they can only subscribe to one package at a time. Members may subscribe again if their transaction is "expired", "failed" or "dead". Upgrades are not available for recurring subscriptions. If you would like a higher level, cancel your subscription renewal through your PayPal control panel, wait until the transaction expires, then select a new package through your RN control panel.


    You understand that you are still bound by the rules of this site, and that breaking those rules will result in deleted or edited messages or an outright ban (either temporary or permanent), as applies to ALL members. There is no special consideration given to Community Supporters.

    Your donation is voluntary, and as such, is generally non-refundable.

    For Platinum & Diamond Level Supporters: Your Community Supporter status is good for the life of this site. If the site closes, donations cannot be refunded. (We have been here since February 2003.)