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Laura A. Giglio was a lovely and vibrant young woman who made invaluable contributions to the lives of those around her. The following is a small collection of accounts, from those who knew her, celebrating a live lived, never lost.

"friend Carolanne Rowe" said:

To me, she [was] Laura Marchese. She was my childhood friend with whom I was lucky enough to grow into adulthood. I don't use the title friend loosly. One has so few people in one's life that are truly deserving of the word friend. Laura was one of these few and remarkable people... She was a gift to her family and to those whose lives she touched.

"friend Christine Mendez" said:

Laura was a beautiful person. She had so much to offer. Always there when you needed a shoulder to lean on. Never judgemental. She offered me a friendship that was truly filled with love, honesty, and above all, you could count on her. Laura and I were born about 1 hour apart... We used to kid around and say that we were in different hospitals but doing the same thing... waiting for the world to embrace us. We were so much alike. I had a very strong connection with her. I almost felt like she was my lost twin. I will never forget how she just loved children. She always had a great big hug and a smile for my two sons Billy and Brian... My only regret is that I just didn't have enough time with her. We used to plan holidays together and talk about the glorious future that was coming up for her. We used to laugh for hours. I truly miss her and not a day goes by that I am not thinking about her. I even say "What would Laura do" in certain situations that come up in my life. She always gave me great advise...

"fiance' Joe Mendez said:

[Laura was] a person with so many special
[qualities]. [Touching] so many people, while ... with us. I learned alot from [her] and miss [her] so much... [She] always kept me going in life with so many special conversations. I don't know if someone like [Laura] is out there, [she was] definitely one of a kind.

"neighbor Jimmy Sumner" said:

[Laura] made the neighborhood wonderful.

"friend Laura Lifland" said:

Laura and I became friends commuting into the city everyday. We met on the platform waiting for our train one night. From that day forward, two acquaintances quickly turned into great friends. Laura and I had a alot in common, shared so many things in common, a friendship easily made for us. We spoke everyday at lunch and throughout our days at work and coordinated to meet at Penn Station like clock work. I have always felt so priviledged to have had Laura as my friend, always there to listen to you, give you advice, make you laugh, just a great friend, someone so selfless... Not a day goes by that I don't think about [Laura] and miss [her] terribly. [She] walk[s] with me everyday, always close to my heart.

"Nick Iyer, on writing for Newsday", said:

A chance encounter on the Long Island Rail Road in 1996 brought Joseph Mendez and Laura Giglio Marchese together. She was on her way to work as an executive assistant at Reliance Consulting in Manhattan, and Mendez, an employee of the Long Island Railroad, just happened to be on the train.

"I approached her before she was getting off the train," Mendez said. "I liked her right away, and wanted to know if she was involved with anyone. She wasn't."

The two began dating that year and were engaged a few years later. "She knew I wanted to marry her," Mendez, 32, said. Although wedding plans weren't set, they hoped to travel to St. Thomas or St. Martin over Thanksgiving or Christmas weekend to get married, he said.

Future living arrangements had been taken care of: The couple had purchased a home in Oceanside in late August, Mendez said. "We liked the size of the house, and the fact that it was close to both our parents' houses," he said. His family lives in Island Park, and hers in Freeport.

Mendez and Marchese had devoted much of their time to renovating their new house, Mendez said. "She helped me strip wallpaper and paint," he said. "We were a team."

Ten days after she and her fiance moved into their new home, Marchese, 35, left for work in Tower One on Sept. 11. She was last heard from when Mendez phoned her at 8:55 a.m. to "see if she was OK..."

Quotes and image taken from:
September 11th Victims.com

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[She] walk[s] with me everyday, always close to my heart.

Very touching. :ph34r:
Laura sounds unforgettable. Thank you for writing this Walter. :ph34r:
No thanks are necessary. It took very little effort on my part. I only wish I had more resources to draw upon to present a more well-rounded picture of who Laura was.
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