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Far be it from me to stick it up the Canadians once and a while. I Blogged a couple of months back about what a mecca Vancouver has become for killers, hookers, and pedophiles. A killer from Seattle recently ran to Vancouver after brutally murdering all his family members in Seattle and the authorities refused to send him back until we promised to...
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Back in July I Blogged about a local Seattlite who died while getting his jollys having sex with a horse. Not to be too graphic on this but this guy was catching, not pitching.
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Far be it from me not to want to assist Air America in their effort to pay the bills. When Air America found that taking money from underprivileged children and the elderly wasn't enough to cover Al Franken's salary and Randi Rhode's private jet expenses, they resorted to the tried and true Liberal method, begging.
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The evidence is in and the news is alarming. Empirical scientific data shows that the globe is in fact warming and causing the polar ice caps to melt. This news should send shudders down the backs of those who have doubted the increasing temperature. Only one problem. The global warming is occurring on Mars.
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The city of Issaquah, a Seattle bedroom community passed some smart, common sense legislation last month that prohibits Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders, those most likely to re offend, from living within 1000 feet of a school or day care center. The legislation will bar these sex offenders from living in 85% of the city. Reasonable people view...
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Idiot Of The Week

http://images.andale...1_RhodesAAR.jpgRandi Rhodes, the infamous jet setter of Air America Radio claims GWB doesn't care that "Democrats" were killed in New Orleans. Time to cull the herd.

This Weeks Movie Recommendation

http://images.amazon...SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgA documentary showing the supreme effort required to compete in the Baja 1000 off road race and the man that raced the entire distance single handedly on a motorcycle.

We Are A Nation That Protects Children

http://images.andale...testors_200.jpgSaving the world. One country at a time.

Remember Our Friends When Buying Products

http://images.andale...UK_Flag_200.jpgThe Aussies and Brits have been with us in every conflict. Support our partners in freedom. Buy Australian and UK products!

Never Forget

http://images.andale...11_2001_200.jpgThey can destroy our buildings but they can never destroy America. God bless America.

Proud To Be An American

http://images.andale...Soldier_200.jpgKicking Ass and Taking Names For America

Honored Spokespeople For The Democrats

http://images.andale...l_Moore_200.jpgI think I saw all three of these guys next to Jimmy Carter at the Democratic convention.

Ducati - Making The World Better With Motorcycles

http://images.andale..._Ducati_200.jpgA combination of art and power all in a package that fits nicely between the legs.

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