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Every time I'm asked about Common Core, the conversation inevitably ends with me explaining that concerns about US History standards should have been raised twenty years ago. It's easy to read something posted on Facebook about Common Core and get all upset, yet it's hard to do what I ask people to do. Read the standards and the...
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The etymology of "monster":
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Last week I defended Scott Walker on the grounds that his positives outweigh his negatives. The biggest negative at that point was his support for taxpayer funded sports venues. That's still, in my mind, a huge red flag. It speaks to his mindset and not in a good way. However, his dogged determination to get his state's budget under...
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The Redhunter is a novel about the life of Joe McCarthy by William F. Buckley, jr. first puplished in 1999. This being the first work of fiction by WFB I've read, I can't compare it to his other works. But having read God and Man at Yale, this seems a strange departure. "Strange" is the best word to describe the book, in fact....
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He's signing up for Obamacare!
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The scatter gun fired at Ted Cruz is full of Nerf pellets:
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Reason Magazine seems anything but reasonable here:
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All time Greatest Duet

I doubt I'll buy this:
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Suppose you walk into your room/office and find these three items. A Home Depot bucket, a tarp and a bag of undetermined powder. What would you think you're supposed to do with it?
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You may or may not have heard of the term "anti-anti communism". I encountered it as a high school student in the 80s at a school where it was fashionable to be anything but an anti-communist. I vaguely remember who my fellow student was, but I do remember him explaining that being anit-anti communist was more intellectual than being...
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It may seem strange to open a thread on power ballads with a blurb about Metallica. Though best known for playing hard and fast, some of Metallica's most memorable, and best selling, songs are power ballads. Take the Montreal riot, for example:
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No one is surprised that there's an anti-Walker faction within the GOP, but some of us might be a little surprised that the bulk of the criticism is coming from conservatives rather than the establishment. Perhaps it's because few people know very much at all about Walker other than his already legendary electoral success and highly...
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If I had to sum up Tim Groseclose's 2012 book, Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, in one sentence, it would be "That doesn't fool us anymore". That's his recommended response to claims that the media, especially the media elites covering Washington, are objective. Not only are they not objective,...
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American Sniper: Bradly Cooper=Best Actor
The Arroyo: Had a Pureflix feel to the acting, but well shot. Great conservative movie.
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: As usual, the third installment is the best--having an ending really helped.
The Maze Runner: The perfect metaphor for moving to Detroit.
Dumb and Dumber To: More jokes. Cruder jokes. Someone gets hooked on crack.
Snowpiercer: Joe Biden's idea of heaven. Everyone on the Earth living on a train. Captain America admits he was going to eat Billy Elliot.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire: This is what the world would look like without college football.
Interstellar 2001:A Space Odyssey with a soul. You will get very thirsty, so hydrate before viewing.
When the Game Stands Tall Proves my theory that it's worse when you win.
Guardians of the Galaxy Make a fun adventure movie about space and make a ton of money. Who knew? I mean, besides that Lucas guy.
Blended I don't get the "Billy Madison is genius, Blended is crap" review. It's as good as any other Sandler movie.
Mom's Night Out Hilarious. You will laugh unless you drive a black BMW and watch sunsets at the golf course.
The Amazing Spiderman 2 This series is still better than the Toby McGuire one. I actually cared if Gwen Stacy died.
Odd Thomas I understand the critics who didn't like the uneven tone. Way uneven. Still worth watching on Netflix.
Star Trek Into DarknessGood movie. Please, for the love of tribbles, let old Spock die.
Grown Ups 2 Critics, attack. Whatever you want to say about this one, I'm okay with it.
Thor: The Dark World Still very, very good. But I'd like an entire Thor movie set just in Asgard.