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As the old analogy goes, the optimist sees the glass as half full, the pessimist sees it as half empty and the Keynesian advises that we pour the water out of the glass into a second one and then back into the original glass. Viola! A full glass of water! But let me extend the analogy further and point out that when it comes to real...
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I got this comment in the Mississippi thread and figured it deserved its own post. Either way, I don't have time to post long answers to comments and write new posts. I spent half the morning at Pep Boys after hitting some debris on the 15 going to work. Lame sauce. Now I'm behind on everything, especially TV and reading. But mostly...
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Obama Is Patriotic...

...unless you apply his own logic.
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A few weeks ago when the vax-anti vax debate was raging, I asked a coworker what sate he thought had the lowest rate of vaccinations. Without a multiple choice list, he said Mississippi. And I'm sure a great number of people would also rank the Magnolia State as the most segregated and fattest. They'd be wrong about both.
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AS you already know, this happened:
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Unbiased journalist, Chris Cuomo, asserts that our rights do come from man:
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Some on the right aren't exactly thrilled with Walker's answer to the "Do you believe in evolution?" question:
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Jesus Failed

The following is a Wisefool joint.
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In a Vox interview, President Obama expressed his desire to amend the Constitution in order to get around Citizens United and the Supreme Court's insistence that the heavy regulation of campaign finance preferred by Democrats and John McCain amounts to a violation of free speech. Three points:
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Bill Gates wants everyone to watch this:
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All Time Greatest Cover Song

Doing covers is as American as not caring what France thinks. But that might be in jeopardy:
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There's a music topic coming, but I'd first like to put a little space between it and the last one. I thought that once football was over, I'd be shredding the keyboard every night, but I've been having trouble decompressing after work/commute. I blame my new Lazy-boy.
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Christianity and Jim Crow?

Plenty of others have dealt with the baffling and hilarious reference to the Crusades and Inquisition as President Obama tried to draw a moral equivalency between his own religion and Islam. I want to discuss his reference to more recent events:
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Here's a boy vs. girl question for you: Do men tend to hate the rain and women love it? It seems like the case in my family. My son and I hate the rain, but my wife and daughters absolutely love it.
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