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Occupy the Syllabi

Here's the ultimate cure for not having a headache:
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I've brushed this argument aside as sentimental fluff...oh, wait, the author told me not to do that:
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Fight on the Right!

This is getting ridiculous:
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One of the great thing about growing up a metal head is seeing stuff you listened to as a twelve or fifteen year old become mainstream. While others were burning through whatever music could serve as a soundtrack to their social lives or obsessing over something obscure simply because it made them feel special somehow, us metal fans were...
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By now, you've probably seen the movie. When I took my son and daughter, it seemed as if everyone on earth was there. People were being turned away and given tickets for later showings. I know at least one couple who weren't even able to get into the next one. Dang. I haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm for a movie since the...
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I wrote this over a decade ago, but it's fitting given Michael Moore's recent comments about Chris Kyle...
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I have some good news on the work front to report. As far as I know, I'm the first teacher in the country to get Jonah Goldberg's excellent book Liberal Fascism, approved for the classroom. Needless to say, Jonah was at least mildly psyched about "Liberal Fascism in the...
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As I mentioned yesterday, modern day liberalism continues to distinguish itself by its smallness. And I mean this in more than one sense. Smallness can mean petty and cheap behavior. Liberals in the media certainly fit that description. Examples are legion, from #TedCruzCrimes to Trig Palin standing on a dog to Obama missing the Paris march. ...
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Ted Cruz was busted for underage drinking in 1987:
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The Volcker Debate

Who should get the credit for ending the runaway inflation of the 1970s and early 80s? Paul Volcker, Ronald Reagan or both. Well, as with most controversies, this one gets started with a Paul Krugman article:
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All Time Greatest Rock Song

After ten* years of blogging, I guess it's time to go ahead and do the big music topic. I don't know if I meant to do this one back when I started doing music topics some time in 2005, but somehow, I put it off until now. When I first started doing lists, they were mix CDs with some kind of theme. I actually made physical copies of the...
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Charles C. Johnson used to be represented on my blogroll (where the heck did it go anyway?) as The Claremont Conservative, a chronicle of him exposing the hypocrisies of campus life. When he was in college, he dealt with his share of vitriol and hate. Now that he's got his own news site,, he's getting it even more.
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The worst song about Indians is unquestioningly Redbone's We Were all Wounded at Wounded Knee. What an awful example of 70s dreck.
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Most of these are social media and media trends, and they've probably been around longer than a year. But I've just noticed them this year, so that's all that matters.
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