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Alright, Mr. Wisefool. I'm posting something you didn't write. I put in about three hours work on my AP class review, so I don't feel the crush as much. And, by the way people, that's why I'm so inconsistent these days. The AP class is my #1 professional focus right now. Football is looming around the corner, too. Plus...
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Yeah, it’s Wisefool again, and Chris is still apparently in need of inspiration, so feel free to send him a top of the line electric guitar autographed by Metallica. Or if you are a brother or sister in Christ, prayer works (and is cheaper). But in all honesty, since Easter is here (He is risen!) and watching the classic “The Ten...
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The speech every politician needs to hear right now – pass it on:
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Wisefool here, filling in for Chris since he has been slacking. My personal theory is that his new Lazy Boy is actually a brain-sucking alien, but he won’t listen to me. And so as always, with Christ on my heart, I thought a nice pre-emptive Easter blog is in order.
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RIP, Mr. Bowie. This is from 2013...
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I'm not going to begrudge anyone their opportunity to gleefully trash the new Star Wars movie. It's what our generation does, almost as if protecting our childhood. The original Star Wars movies were ours, and no one else is going to get to experience them like we did. So, it doesn't matter if the movie is any good. It's going...
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Over a year ago, I went looking for a book--any book--on the 1932 presidential election. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of sucker for books about presidential elections. (Imagine my dilemma: I despise Karl Rove, yet he's got new book out about the 1896 election!) I couldn't find anything other than something that...
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Remember this?
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Dinesh D'Souza's a Pimp

I'm just a few pages from finishing Dinseh D'Souza's Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party, and I'll give you a few particulars here in this post. But first, watch him deliver an intellectual kneecapping to this young college...
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I've noticed a couple of gun control narratives in the news media and among acquaintances. They both start out with highly dubious premises, and when those premises are challenged with facts, the gun control advocate retreats--I think the rhetorical trick is actually called "the fighting retreat"--to a nebulous platitude.
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If you've been on the Prayer Shaming thread, you already know that the left came out yesterday like a synchronized swimming team and mocked the right--and just the right--for sending "thoughts and prayers" to the victims of the San Bernardino job-jihad massacre. One of my own long-time friends put it this way on the...
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Ted Cruz says they are...
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Yeesh. I'm incredibly hesitant to publish the following since my track record with reading candidates' books and reviewing them is pretty grim. Just ask Scott Walker. Oh, you can't because he's gone.
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Saints and Strangers :redhot: B) B) B) B)
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