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Evidently, the decades old allegations against Bill Cosby are an emergency priority for the media, but this isn't:
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Great question for our favorite left-wing populist:
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It's even worse than that...
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Since I've been away, U2 managed to commit career suicide by doing the thing all young people seemed to want them to do, give their music away for free. Evidently, there's a right way and a wrong way to do that. I guess you're supposed to go through the motions of putting a price on the music and spending a bunch of money on...
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So important that we should tolerate a president doing an end run around Congress to grant de facto amnesty? Is it important enough to put up with billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg manipulating the process with push polls?
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Today's headlines read that Saudi Arabia is cutting back on production, making this US News and World Report analysis from just a few days ago seem premature:
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Is Friendship a Virtue?

On this Veterans Day, we rightfully pause to thank our service men and women, but as usual, there's a turd in the punch bowl. It's called If you've listened to talk radio for the past couple of days, you're already familiar with this Salon article:
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#WarOnWomen: An Origin Story

I'm back, and I got a lot of problems with you people. Well, not you, my three readers. You guys are cool. But while I've been away, stupidity has paraded itself around so blatantly, I can hardly believe I stayed away this long. The thing is, I was dealing with levels of human failing that would make the CDC's handling of Ebola...
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My Football Furlough is over, so regular blogging resumes tomorrow. I hope that doesn't mean this is the last we'll get from Wisefool, but either way, he stepped up. Many thanks, Wisefool!
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Since I am once again filling in for Chris (who claims he only has two weeks left until he gets back to us), I thought I might give a little insight as the road Iíve walked. I think of all the stories I love to hear most, it is the ones from my brothers and sisters on how God called them and grafted us into His family. So here is a little...
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Ancient Progressives

I'm still on my Football Furlough, heretofore renamed, #HailState Hiatus. The hiatus will be over soon and I'll get back to posting my own stuff--mostly about how I hate Ole Miss more than ever--but until then, here's another thinker by Wisefool...
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As you've probably guessed, I'm super busy right now. Every day that's not about football is about AP US History. It's a lot of work, but it's fun. I'm enjoying APUSH much more than AP Government.
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