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Who Killed Jessica Chambers?

Yet another death used to divide white and black:
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#Jeb2016: Ready 4 Jeb!

Yeah, no. Not now, not ever. Here's my opinion if you didn't already know it...
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No doubt former Creed front man, Scott Stapp is a whacked out drug addict. However, it's always best to withhold judgement whenever a soon-to-be ex-wife is throwing around accusations:
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James Watson, discoverer of DNA, decided to auction off his Nobel Prize medal and got $4.7 from a Russian billionaire. Dudesky gave it back...
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Did UCLA Drink the Kool Aid?

This is one of those stories I wanted to get to weeks ago, so forgive me if it's a little gamey. UCLA, has decided to honor radical communist, Angela Davis, for...her courageous stand for academic freedom?
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While some of you are waiting for me to weigh in on the Eric Garner thing, I'd like to point out that in the meantime, cops and other people charged with keeping us safe are still having to do their very dangerous jobs. Like school safety officers, for instance:
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What I know about Broadway musicals could fit in a finger monkey's coffee cup. So, I'll get to my list in a minute. First, let me unload a little bit. It's not like you're reading this before you make your list anyway.
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If so, there's a ton of liberal talking points being offered. This one's from Vox (The explanatory journalism site, not the Award Winning Cruelty Artist):
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If you want to know what your children's future teachers will assume to be true about everything that went down in Ferguson yesterday, all you need to do is spend some time with the Black Millenials:
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Name the president who did all this:
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The statistics on pastoral turnover are "alarming":
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My wife spends a lot of time with her fellow (sister?) homeschool moms not sinning. So, the other night as she was running off to whatever thin she was doing, I remarked that my life was like a Led Zeppelin song, only the opposite. I was thinking about Hey Hey What Can I Do. Meaning that I got a woman who's always true and never gets drunk....
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Evidently, the decades old allegations against Bill Cosby are an emergency priority for the media, but this isn't:
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