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I could call this "How Do Republicans Ever Get Elected President: Part II: The Sequel: This Time...It's Personal!" but that would be way too long for a title and I wouldn't be able to tweet it. Probably. Anyway, I was poking around over at Alpha Game--one of the meanest, most insensitive blogs around (you'd love...
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Good Point!

Are you tired of seeing idiotic memes on the Twitters and Facebooks? Are you even more tired of the string of "Good point!" comments that follow? Well, here are some common ones going around. Feel free to copy and paste my comments right after a "good point!" on your friends' news feeds. Or, better yet, share...
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It's easy to figure out why Democrats get elected president. They promise the world, and the issues are so broad and the electorate so uninformed that promises are about all presidential candidates have. Democrats have a huge advantage being the party of free stuff. Republicans have to figure out a way to make voters want to have a beer...
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Having kept up with him since he was elected in 2012, I'm convinced he's anti-amnesty but willing to compromise in order to get the main thing done: border security. His Gang of Eight amendments are currently being used to paint him as pro-amnesty by the Rubio camp, and any hint of compromise is proof of a politician's...
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Now for some culture...
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While I'm not exactly against the easy show solidarity with victims of tragedy, I'm not 100% sure they mean all that much. Sure, foreign countries "stood" with us after 9/11, and some even sacrificed life and treasure along with us in the War on Terror, but most of those who stopped at mere symbolism went right back to...
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Recruits are already avoiding the Mizzou Mess:
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Ben Carson's Pyramid Scheme

I'm back, people. A little later than last year, but hopefully I'll be able to be more consistent now that I got me a super comfy office chair to compete with Lazy Boy I got around this same time last year. I've been sitting all these years on a gaudy yellow 1970s torture device we inherited when my dad's ITT depot shut down in...
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I suppose a few updates are in order before I get to the freaking thing that compelled me to interrupt my decompression time and post something for the first time in over a month. All the hard work I did on the AP course in lieu of keeping this blog going paid off. We had a pretty good pass rate on the test, especially for a first year. I...
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I wrote this just over a year ago, to little or no notice. So, I checked the preliminary numbers for 2014 and updated at the bottom. It's important that we don't base our decisions on outdated information, especially if that info regards demographic trends. It's always a great idea to check in withe the trends every now and...
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So, I finally finished Scott Walker's book (co-written with Mark Thiessen). As is my typical Summer reading habit, I start a half dozen books to see which catch and hold my attention. So, I've been reading Jim Powell's book on Roosevelt, Eric Larson's book Dead Man's Wake, Clinton Cash, and Dr. Amanda Podany's Brotherhood...
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What's the proper spelling of this? Is it Merica, Murca, Murica or Merca? Anyway, the way it's spelled in the title seems to bring up the most hyper-cartoonish patriotic memes. These are good ones. Share your favorite and have a happy independence...
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I know this is going to offend some people I know, but it has to be said. Just stop with the Donald Trump support already. I get that you're mad about illegal immigration and he just dropped some truth bombs about Mexicans. Well, here's some more truth bombs:
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