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I'm Here!

Well, I did it! I upgraded my RightNation membership and got a blog. I will be posting when I have time and something to say, but don't expect something daily.

Do expect the kinds of rants that I am known to post elsewhere on RN: overly long, riddled with poorly constructed sentences and confusing parentheticals, and about half as funny or entertaining as I think they are. My intent is to have fun and serious discussion. I am most interested in what y'all (yes, I really use that word) think and have to say here.

Let me state up front that my attempts at humor are sometimes woefully inadequate and occasionally have unintended results. I recently learned that a post I made on an RN thread deeply offended the very person I had hope would be most entertained by it. Humor is a fickle lover at best and must be given great respect. So, if I do offend, please PM me quickly, so that proper ammends can be made.

Above all, let's have fun. And let's start rappin'!

8 Comments On This Entry

Well I for one can hardly wait. Not that I'm in need of a Shrinque or anything. :thud:

I've been watching and waiting ever since you signed up for a Blog. :giggle:
:giggle: Hi and welcome to blogdom!
This could be quite interesting and very entertaining... count me in!
:thud: Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :giggle:

Can't wait!!! :thud:
Will you do a blog on why Freud sucks?? :giggle: :thud:

Wow. Great title.

Even if you never write another word, you should win SOMETHING just because the name of your blog.
Thank all of you for your kind words. Life has been a little crazy lately and I have been unable to write my next post, most likely to be a multi-parter about the dhimmicRATs' latest push for socialized medicine.

See y'all soon!

Lori, on Jan 9 2007, 07:42 PM, said:

Will you do a blog on why Freud sucks?? :giggle: :thud:


There ain't enough bandwidth on the WWW, much less RN.
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