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Not About Health Care

I had a more pressing issue on my mind all weekend than health care: Just how mean-spirited, disingenuous, and hypocritical can the leftist be? Every time I think they have sunk to the bottom, they go even further.

Let's start with Barbara Boxer. Her insult of Condoleeza Rice, right in the Secretary's face was stupefying. I mean, think for a minute: if a white female Republican Senator had said to a female African-American dhimicRAT SoS what Boxer said to Dr. Rice, the left would have been absolutely apoplectic. There would have been calls for the Senator to step down. And the dhimicRATS on the Senate Ethics Comittee (talk about your oxymorons!) would have been having hearings before CNN reported the incident. But this is Barbara Boxer: the fourth-richest member of the US Senate (behind Rockefeller, Kennedy, and scary Kerry). O'Reilley interviewed--okay--shouted with a couple of broads from the DNC who fully defended Boxer and what she said. On Hannity and Four Eyes, at least the dhimicRAT said that Boxer's words were intemperate, while defending "the important message." I swear, this is Dick Durbin, John Cary, and Bob Byrdbrain all over again. They and Boxer have spoken from prepared statements (Durbin was literally reading his) in official capacities (such as the floor of the Senate and Sunday morning talk shows) and said the most bitterly racists, insulting and, and outrageous words ever said by US Senators. But they were misunderstood, we are told by the leftist media. On the other hand, at a private birthday party, Trent Lot makes an off-the-cuff comment about Strom Thurmond's leadership and stamina, and he is the new Judge Roy Moore. Unbelievable!

No, I take that back. It is not at all unbelievable. Neither is it astounding, amazing, or anything else of the sort. It is the predictably egregious business-as-usual of the leftist media.

The next example is the NC Central U. Exotic Dance Team Libel Case (which the leftist media still calls "The Duke Lacrosse Team Ra--er--Sexual Assault Case"). Watching Leslie Stahl trying to act like an objective journalist on "60+ Year Old Harpies" last night was, frankly, insulting. After all, Stahl and all her fellow travellers at See? BS! were ready to hang Reid Seligman, Colin Finnerty, and David Evans, (as well as every other white male ever to attend a private college in NC) back last spring when the case broke. They were hailing Nifong as the lone white Civil Rights hero in that Jim Crow-esque Republican cesspool of Durham County (anyone who knows the first thing about NC politics knows that Durham is the second-most socialist county in NC, second only its bordering Orange County, where, just 8 miles from the Duke campus lies Chapel Hell). Suddenly, however, Nifong is starting to make things look bad for dhimicRATS, and Stahl and the "60 Milligrams of Aricept" crew are decrying the injustice of it all.

Finally, also on "60 Betz Cells Left," was Scott Pelley's interview (read "badgering") of President Bush. This at least provided some comic relief. No matter how many times Pelley tried to get the President to say that Iraq is a mess and it's all Bush's fault, the President hand Pelley his *ss on a silver platter. Of course, Pelley never noticed how bad he was getting stomped and how bad he looked. Pelley is perfect for "60 IQ Points."

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Don't hold back Shrinque. Tell us how you really feel. :lol:

Will the American people ever open their eyes to the ridiculously-biased media?

ilja said:

ever [/i]open their eyes to the ridiculously-biased media?

Don't hold your breath, Ilja. We'd hat to lose you.
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