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The dhimmi-cRATS and other leftists are all a-twitter that America's Sweetheart, Nancy Pelosi, has been showing her mettle by engaging in shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East. It appears their favorite trope is to wax histrionic over the Great One-ette being on the Road to Damascus, travelling from Jerusalem, with a message of peace and hope for the world. It tickles their little a(nti)theistic hearts to allude to the Apostle Paul, especially during the Easter Season.

But is this not a truly ignorant, even stupid allusion to make? After all, in the Road to Damascus story in the book of Acts, the protagonist was not the Apostle Paul. No, it was the Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, zealous persecutor of the early Church. Further, the trip Saul was making from Jerusalem to Damascus was not one of peace and hope. No, it was one of hatred, persecution, and even death (to Messianic Jews like Stephen). Most importantly, Saul never made it to Damascus to continue his persecution and reign of death. He literally saw the light and the error of his sinful and murderous ways while on that Road to Damascus. After a brief period of blindness, he repaired to the wilderness and received his revelation. Only then did Saul, the Pharisee, persecutor of Christ, become Paul, the Apostle, chosen of God.

I recall four years ago when many of the "human shields" fled Baghdad before the attack and ran to Damascus. I thought how nice it was that they had seen the light before they got on the Road. Now comes Pelosi. She has seen no light, but is blinder than ever.

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:hug: That was great! Geeze, I didn't even think of it that way until you pointed it out.

You notice how it's hardly mentioned anymore?
Dang Shrinque, I didn't know that you had a blog! :party: Hmmmm............I wonder if Nancy will ever see the light the way Paul did. I know that I sure would enjoy seeing the Lord wake her up. Fake Catholics like her run around using their Catholicism for bonus points while making the rest of us fish-eaters look bad. BAH!
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