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Barry for SCP!

Wow! Shrinque's actually blogging! Somebody check the thermostat in hell!

Anyway, I was watching Brit Hume tonight, and he had a report the demographics of this election. Of course, Nobama appears to have a lock on the MTV crowd, but McCain is doing much better with the "Murder, She Wrote" afficionados. The explanation was that students really don't have time to study the issues, and, therefore, are more likely to cast votes based on emotion. I found this to be an interesting concept. I thought back to my first chance to vote for POTUS, in 1976 when I was 19. I attended a Carter rally and was taken with his style. Fortunately, that was in March and by the time November rolled around, I, being the enormous intellect I am, I had indeed studied the issues and cast my vote for Jerry Ford.

But then, it hit me: We all know Obama is running a campaign targetted at the 18-30 group which is based on personality, being cool, and empty rhetoric. He isn't campaigning for President of the United States. No, he's campaigning for President of the Student Council! He's the coolest guy in the schoo--er--senate! He's a great basketball player! Michelle is class valedictorian! Just like the Student Council elections, it's a popularity contest! I mean, "issues" are, like, so boring, y'know? Besides, Barry's all about hope and change. and we all want hope and change, right?

Heck, his most venerated speech, his March blather about race, was basically a classic SCP speech: "I'm a uniter, not a divider like Hilly and John! We have too many cliques in this school. Cliques divide us. I don't like cliques. Neither does my girlfriend Michelle. Or my best pal Jerry. As a matter of fact, none of the kids I hang out with like cliques! We're going to get rid of the cliques and bring everyone together, like in "The Breakfast Club." That is, of course, if you're cool enough to hang out with me and my friends."

If only we could relegate him to the student council. He couldn't do any damage there. We might even get better food in the cafeteria and better chairs in the student lounge. But let's keep that guy out of the White House.

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He's too geeky to be a cool high school kid.
I have said from the beginning of all this, to me he comes across as the kid trying to win class president with ridiculous and impossible promises "No Homework" " Pizza for lunch"; except he says "Free Healthcare, without raising taxes or degrading the healthcare system" "Ending the war; without sacrificing our security" He truly does scare me if he believes he really can do everything he says he can.
Students don't have time to study the issues? In what universe did they find that conclusion? Students have nothing but time because they sure as heck aren't doing their schoolwork.
He seems more like the type to sneak out between classes to smoke a cigarette.
:sad: You slay me, Shrinque.
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