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I met Steve Doocy!

OK. I'll admit it. I'm really a sappy guy. I may act sophisticated, but I'm as sappy as they come.
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I have obtained a copy of the current draft of Biden's acceptance speech to be given tonight in Denver. To protect my source, I am typing it in by hand. Note the use of politically correct language:
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Every year on this date, I like to ask people what is important about this date. And I am talking about reasonably intelligent and reasonably educated people. Most stare at me blankly, indicating they have no clue what I'm talking about. I'll say it happened in 1969. Then, a smile will break across a face, and my friend will confidently...
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Barry for SCP!

Wow! Shrinque's actually blogging! Somebody check the thermostat in hell!
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The dhimmi-cRATS and other leftists are all a-twitter that America's Sweetheart, Nancy Pelosi, has been showing her mettle by engaging in shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East. It appears their favorite trope is to wax histrionic over the Great One-ette being on the Road to Damascus, travelling from Jerusalem, with a message of peace and hope...
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