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The tragedy at Emanuel Church in Charleston SC is by its very definition a tragedy of the first order, sadly a tragedy almost as vile is the manner in which people are trying to contort this so that it fits their views on guns.

For the record I enjoy shooting, I served 21 years in the army and I have fired and qualified with almost every gun including the M9, M16A1 A2 and A4, M4, M60, M3A1, M240B, M249, M2, 12 gauge and 155MM M109 howitzer. I have learned one immutable lesson from all those range days.

Guns DONíT kill people.

Let me say that again. GUNS DONíT KILL PEOPLE.

Now, while all the gun control whacko's are lifting their jaws up reaching for their pie graphs and diagrams and channeling the deceased, allow me to explain, guns are a tool.

Guns are the evolutionary outgrowth of thousands of years of attempting to fill a requirement whether it is hunting for subsistence, protecting home and hearth or defending a nation. Essentially getting what you want. First it was sticks, then clubs followed by swords and bows and arrows residing, until the next step forward, in firearms. The catalyst for this development is equally conflict between nations and life on the frontier.

If all the guns on the planet could be removed and all the knowledge and technology to manufacture them could be expunged right NOW all that would happen is we, as a race, would devolve back through weapons. Again, they are a tool. With no guns war, hunting and crime would be done with bows and swords, and then when those were gotten rid of with sticks and clubs and rocks until finally we would all be left our fists.

You want to combat gun violence? Fine me too.

Here are my solutions, allow legal ownership, donít make ownership so arduous that people give up; strong proactive policing in high crime neighborhoods and seize illegal firearms. Make those responsible for destroying criminal guns punishable under the law if they donít do due diligence to make sure itís done. Bring back the concept of ďpatrol specialsĒ that use to be common in places like San Francisco.

Fame for the sake of fame is what drives many, one only has to consider the Kardashian,
Paris Hilton, real wives of wherever and a host of programming on VH1, MTV and other channels; no longer is it cool to be famous for good works or courage like a Billy Graham or Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager. Many of these shootings seem to be done by youth in a search to validate an otherwise failed life.

My solution? Bury their names under the dust heap of history as far as possible that an open society governed by laws and the constitution will allow. The NCIS episode ďMurder 2.0Ē is a perfect example.

Guns are a tool. Guns donít kill. The narcissistic, power and fame hungry waste of biological material holding the gun and his motivations are the problem. Always have been.

That is truth.

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