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Of Colored Cloth

Today is 24 June 2015, yet 150 years later the war of northern aggression continues, not against armies or a state but rather against colored and embroidered cloth. A symbol, a flag.

The flag under attack is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia; Lee’s Army. For decades this flag has been mistakenly portrayed as the flag of the Confederate States of America, the south. Back when this flag was adopted it was commonplace for large formations of men on the battlefield to have large standards in front both so that the men of these units could follow the axis of attack and also so that senior commanders could exercise control and better maneuver units under their command.

After decades of misrepresentation and misinterpretation by many the honor of this standard has come to be equated with the baser parts of human nature. More than just an organizational emblem and a distinctive unit insignia that signified something more, in many ways it represented the ideals of the soldiers who fought under it; contrary to what many of the intellectuals would spouse that would not be slavery.

To many men of the south, the founding generation not far removed from them, it was about Duty, Honor, Country, Home, Family; for them the union was different it was a compact between several sovereign states and a republican central government.

The Army of Northern Virginia was in many ways one of the greatest field armies of American history, almost always outgunned, outmanned and hunted they and their commander proved themselves always fighting bravely, with courage and with distinction- even in defeat not many units can lay claim to the honor of the Lee’s army.

Much has changed and yet to many in the south the battle flag still stands for Duty, Honor, Country, Courage, and Integrity. Perhaps that is why many of the so called intellectuals detest it; to hold those values you must first take responsibility for your life and that means eventually becoming sovereign at least unto yourself. These are for many outdated concepts, they willing surrender responsibility and sovereignty in their lives and have all but forgotten the origins of the country they call home all for the succor of a central government, yet still in the south these values still have merit and probably explains why the battle flag and so many of our servicemen find native soil in the south.

Attacking symbols then becomes easy, it allows the attacker the false sense of doing something while ignoring the true problems; those that hold to concepts such as social justice are then permitted to steal away our freedoms by inches and still leave nothing done so that they have a villain for the next time.

The villainy done in Charleston is sadly not new, nor is the response. A simple objective symbol that at its birth stood for noble values has been hijacked and perverted by both mongrels who hold to the baser demons of our nature and those that seek to empower themselves by lies.

Truth is a universal that should be held to both objectively and resolutely, from the vile evil of which Roof has been accused to the history of our symbols. I remember the fallen, I remember their sacrifices, their pains and the good deeds done.

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