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"But the one thing we know for a fact is that President-Elect Obama is not tainted," assured the African-American woman in Fox and Friends' "Pundit Pool" this morning. She was, of course, referring to any taint from any potential wrongdoing by Obama's (now former) Secretary of Commerce Designate, Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM). Nope, Barry's as clean as a whistle and evidently knew nothing about the ongoing, long-term federal investigation of Richardson and Richardson's henchpersons. And the leftist apologists for Obama feel the need to interject The One's moral purity into any discussion of the possibility of another of Obama's close associates looking at a trip to the Hoosegow.

Bill Ayers? He was just a guy who lived in Hoosey's neighborhood. (The most decidedly Un)reverend Wright's jeremiads? Obama never heard a word of them. Blagojevich? Daly? The famously, almost openly, corrupt Chicago Democrat Political Machine? Why, The Messiah never even knew about any of that stuff, much less had he engaged in it!

I've said it before on this blog, and I'll say it again: AAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!

Does anyone else but me remember the veritable "Where's Waldo" picture that the MSM claimed to show that President Bush should be impeached because of his association with Jack Abramoff? How about how every Republican is a crook like Ted Stevens? Or a pedophile like that guy from Florida? Who can forget Pelosi's rants about the Republican "culture of corruption"? Hmmm?? Larry Caig taps his toes loudly and all conservatives are hypocritical, bathroom-hopping

But Obama is mentored by and works intimately for years with known terrorists, attends sermons by a racist loon for twenty years, becomes the leading Democrat in Chicago, and gives a pearl appointment to a close friend and associate who have been under federal investigation for wrongdoing while working for another of Obama's close friends and associates (as well the recipient of a pearl appointment), and BHO is still as pure as the driven snow.

The snow under the bus gets dirtier, as the space under the bus gets more crowded.

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The One will remain "untainted" until such time as the MSM decides he's tainted.

USNJIMRET, on Jan 5 2009, 11:52 AM, said:

The One will remain "untainted" until such time as the MSM decides he's tainted.

So, he will always be "untainted".
It would be racist to say anything bad about Obama. Don't you know that?
True that.
Very well written. May I borrow it for my livejournal- with credit to you of course.
Thank you. That is very kind. I would be honored for you to borrow it.
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