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Woke Wing

Sup? I’m gearing up to resume my podcasting efforts what got derailed by equipment issues and stupid internet people wanting money for stuff. Wisefool and I did an ep;Isolde a few weeks ago that got eaten up by my iPad. It’s still on there, but I can’t upload it. On that episode, a sober discussion of separation of church and state in the main, was a segment about The West Wing.

I missed the entire original run of The West Wing because I HATED Martin Sheen. I still intensely dislike him, but so many celebrities have surpassed him in clueless self-righteousness, he just blends into the background likes these days. To my shame, I’ll admit that I find Aaron Sorkin’s writing entertaining. He’s like the Buffalo Bills in the early 90s, fun to watch but you know it’s fundamentally flawed. Very formulaic and gimick driven. Still, the rapid fire dialogue is engrossing.

My purpose with The Woke Wing is to provide episode summaries for woke millennials. Sure, The West Wing was by far the most woke TV series up to that point, so it would stand to reason that a curious millennial who inherited an attention span from her distant ancestors might be tempted to give it a try. If she does, however, she’s likely to be triggered. My summaries warn millennials away from the show with all the problematicals.

As you can see, I get better at it as I go because the summaries get longer and more woke. So, I’m gonna to leave these here because I’m super paranoid about losing these from my phone. Keep an eye out for my next podcast. I’ll post a link here. Since Wisefool has never watched The West Wing, you’ll get to hear our discussion of these triggers in more depth.

Ep. 1 Pres Bartley fat shames Christians

Ep. 2 ???

Ep. 3 Leo asks a black Chairman of the joint chiefs if it’s okay to hire a black man to carry the president’s bag while in the middle of a military crisis.

Ep. 4 Leo condescends to a black congressman about guns.

Ep. 5 CJ ridicules a young Ron Swanson for requesting a mere $900 million for a “wolves only “ highway from Wyoming to the Yukon.
(SUPER CRINGE-Prez and male staffers fawning over the strong women at the chili party.)

Ep. 6 A black school teacher was portrayed as dumb in order to allow him to be persuaded to vote based on simple logic.
Pres tells Leo “You’re the man. Fix it.” Not in a “you da man” way.

Ep. 7 Racism against Indonesians. The White House didn’t know there was no such language as Indonesian. Foreign White House kitchen worker berated for not knowing English. CJ gets all flustered when a man asks her what she’s going to wear. 1st appearance of First Lady.

Ep. 8 ???

Ep. 9 Hispanic was the second choice for SCOTUS even though had saved humanity from the Cylons.

Ep. 10 Christmas! Lots of decorations and mentions of the C word. Ambivalence over hate crimes legislation.

Ep. 11 President Bartlet allows a British expert on India (problematic itself) to smoke a cigarette the Oval Office.

Ep. 12 Josh suggests CJ’s humor is why she can’t “keep a man.” Hashtag referred to as “pound sign “.

Ep. 13 Height of wokeness. May be triggered by fact there was a time when wokeness was less woke.

Ep. 14 Antisemitism when Leo says it’s bizarre that we don’t execute people on the Sabbath. Josh is incredulous that a deaf woman is someone’s campaign manager. Then Josh makes an unwanted comment about her legs. Racism when Sam calls Mexican courts “ridiculous “.

Ep. 15 Josh blatantly manspreads during a “talk” before an audience of some kind while he mansplains about the “news cycle “. Angry black woman stereotype features prominently. Josh made an unwanted comment about CJ’s body.

Ep. 16 President makes a sickening pro gun statement. Vice President admitted ethanol subsidies don’t work.

Ep. 17 White First Lady threatens to beat the brains out of a 14 black child. Same young man is founder of an organization called “The Children’s Crusade”. AND he’s crusading against India’s cultural practice of child debt slavery. President is xenophobic (doesn’t like Mexican food). Three LIBERAL Democrats argue for HIGHER tariffs and make the same argument Trump makes!

Ep. 18 Sam wrote a paper in support of school vouchers, and makes a hateful argument for why public school policies since 1965 are a failure. (It was a bluff, but the argument was triggering) A civil rights commission appointee is a “problem” because he is for reparations. CJ basically does a minstrel show called “The Jackal”.

Ep. 19 Both Leo and Toby dismiss the thoughts of a female secretary about an email problem. Toby mocks her even though she has a legit concern about the calorie count in raisin muffins served in the White House mess. (Football coach trigger: Leo uses football metaphor “Our ground game isn’t working so we’re putting the ball in the air” then he says “if we’re going to walk into walls, let’s run into them full speed”. THAT’S THE GROUND GAME AGAIN!

Ep. 20 Leo sends Joey Lucas (as referred to by Gus as a fine looking woman) flowers ( sexism) and Josh stereotypes women saying they like to personalize their workspace unprofessionally. Al Kiefer (Q from Star Wars) didn’t get flowers. Toby and Sam try to get President Bartlet to adopt Trump’s policies on mass incarceration.

Ep. 21 Toby refers to sex worker as “this girl” instead of her name. (Forgetting politics is below prostitution).

Ep. 22 President Bartlet demeans millennials as apathetic and lazy. And he uses the term “crowding out”, which is a term used by proponents of unbridled capitalism to argue against government spending. Gus snickers when the president said he wanted to watch girls softball. Space shuttle Columbia in trouble just three years before it rest disintegrated on re-entry?

Season 2 Ep. 1
Totally rips off the Reagan assassination attempt. Too many flashbacks.

Ep. 2 Opening shot is of a restaurant sign “DIXIE Pig”. That’s where racists eat! CJ has CTE and no one cares. In a flashback, CJ belittles Hollywood. Josh wants to replace Cool and the Gang with The Doobie Brothers.

Ep. 3 Toby and CJ explain away a huge increase in inflation by claiming the CPI is outdated. That’s a libertarian argument. Toby argues against freedom of association laws, the ones that protected civil rights organizations. Sam’s pick for Congress chose all white juries for black defendants, and Sam didn’t seem outraged. Sam argues to keep the racist candidate. People still use pagers and the TVs are tiny but huge at the same time. The whole staff sits on a stoop drinking beer like red necks and saying God Bless America unironically.

Ep. 4 A Republican woman wipes the floor with Sam on a tv debate about education. Toby and Josh make fun of him for losing to “a girl”. The president argues that AIDS in Africa isn’t caused by poverty. They humanize the Republican girl. President Bartlet speaks approvingly of Norman Borlaug.

Ep. 5 More demeaning of Ainsley Hayes for being a woman. President Bartlet belittles the honoring of female journalism pioneer Nely Bly. By the end of the episode, the staff accepts an evil Republican as one of their own.

Ep. 6 The White House and Congress are exempt from work place related laws. Sam let’s a Republican change his position on employee fraud. President Bartlet reminds Toby we’re not s democracy but a republic.

Ep. 7 President Bartlet forces CJ to participate in sports ball trash talk. A gay congressman supports a pro marriage bill. Leo tells Donna to order something with foie gras butter on her date. Much of the episode is two blonde women, one a conservative, just talking. Danny has no problem cooperating with Toby, but screws with CJ. Leo says to Margaret, you’re a good girl like she’s a dog.

Ep. 8 (Actual trigger- Toby berates CJ for getting her History wrong by mansplaining that Jamestown was founded in the 16th century and Plymouth was founded in the 17th. Both were 17th). Then the “boys” put the turkeys in CJ’s office. President Bartlet sends Gus to buy a German carving knife. Illegal immigrants are coached on persecution according to White House advisors. President Bartlet lets Chinese Christians escape the detention center. Episode ends with an overtly religious song.

Ep. 9 Unrestrained boomer talk about Galileo 5 and the Beatles. President Bartlet asks if whales vote. Men continuously imply CJ is dumb. Josh says residents of Mississippi are second class citizens. Mississippi has a high percentage of African-Americans. President Bartlet SMOKES A CIGARETTE!!! CJ mentions going to the “blackboard”—explain to millennials.

Ep. 10 Name of episode is Noel- clearly biased. “Paperboy” was used several times. Even more Christmas decorations than last season. President Bartlet mentions Woodrow Wilson to Gus.

Ep. 11 Women have a special relationship with their shoes according to Leo. Mentions Redskins without comment on how racist it is.

Ep. 12 The President is planning on staying at a hotel called “The Oriental”. Leo refers to First Nations as “Indians”. President Bartlet makes fun of Vegans. Major trigger warning on the environment... this was 20 years ago and none of the environmental predictions have come true. If millennials realize this...🤯 Leo pushes hard for missile defense.

Ep. 13 Josh assumes that pollsters will have funny accents because they were hired by a deaf woman. First Lady uses a VHS, and you can hear the rewinding noise. Josh calls deaf pollster “Tonto”. President Bartlet supports school uniforms. Josh yells at deaf pollster as if he thinks a deaf person can hear you if you yell really loud. They plagiarize a story about Reagan sending a poor woman a check, but she framed it instead of cashing it.

My Mind is Woke

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