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During the last 8 years America has seen a tremendous amount of damage done to this nation and the rights of American citizens under the guise of tolerance.

Government pushed its way into every niche to attempt to regulate, mandate or otherwise force the will of the radical left onto everyone else, and if anyone so much as voiced a complaint, they were met with accusations of racism because the figurehead at the prow of the good ship Anti-American Tyranny was Barack Hussein Obama.

Public schools were telling parents that they knew better how to educate their children about sex and enlisted adults to teach them how to masturbate, experiment with same sex encounters and that the strangers teaching their children about these things were not predators, they were educators.

Public schools were taking away parents rights to choose what their children eat because the FLOTUS, a woman with zero education in nutritional studies, decided that she would tell parents across the country that she and her cadre of 'we know better than you' cronies that if the Federal Government, run by her golf loving hubby, was going to fund school lunch programs then she would get to plan the menu.

Her signature invasion of the rights of Americans provided meals that children could not stomach so that they chose to go without, leaving children hungry, which was supposed to be the opposite result of the government providing meals for all in public schools. Further, they imbued school employees with the right to search the lunches provided by parents and confiscate what they deemed inappropriate or unacceptable based upon the new guidelines and in some cases replaced those confiscated items and then sent a bill home to the parents.

Public agencies, such as the local police, border patrol and immigration officers were told by the Federal government to stop enforcing the law with regard to illegal immigrants in a sweeping move that impacted the security of our borders as well as the streets in every burg, town, city and metropolitan center across this nation, and the policy was implemented with the toothy smirk that this was a human rights issue and if people balked, they were racists.

Public servants banded together in an unprecedented partisan move to shove legislation through both houses to violate the Constitutional rights of every American citizen and they boasted that they did it because they knew better than the people they were duty bound to serve what the American people wanted, even though the American people were telling them loud and clear that they did not want the ACA in any way shape or form.

The law makers were now the law breakers, and they were intoxicated with their victories in the halls of government and in the streets. They were running interference for the criminals who were taking to the streets to make martyrs of criminals and targets of police officers and innocent civilians. They were calling acts of domestic terrorism 'workplace violence' and using the media to help them create a narrative that diverted attention from the simple truth of the havoc and dangers their policies were creating. They were calling looting and riots a new form of 'communication', of 'opening a dialogue' so that the Black Lives Matter movement members could be protected under the First Amendment and the violence, bloodshed and damage they caused could not be used against them because that would be racist.

Yet calling out white people and telling them that they should be ashamed for the color of their skin and that they have an inherent 'privilege' because of it was not racist. Demanding that they perpetually apologize for simply existing, to be willing to pay for their sin of being white by footing the bill for higher taxes to fund programs that help those of a darker shade of skin was not discrimination, it was atonement for what some called centuries of oppression.

And then there was the sin of being proud to be an American. Our POTUS informed the American people in no uncertain terms that being American was nothing to be proud of, that our nation was shameful and it needed to be changed fundamentally so that it could become something to be proud of, and his policies were going to accomplish that.

So, the left pushed the boundaries of tolerance to the point of creating a society populated by the perpetually offended who were constantly in need.

They needed to be reassured that they were special, that they didn't have to be responsible for making sure that they and their children were fed, clothed and educated, that everything they required to live a comfortable lifestyle would be provided by the government who promised them security in exchange for their blind obedience at the ballot box.

What they forgot was that there was a segment of the population being ground down beneath the outrageous taxes, the unprecedented violations of their rights and the unacceptable silencing of their voices beneath the epithet of 'racist' should anyone voice legitimate and fact-based criticism of the government running roughshod over them.

What the Left forgot in the intoxication of their inequitable violations of the rights of the rest of the nation was that eventually the breaking point would come, and when it did during the election of 2016, the backlash left a significant mark.

The Left pinned their new crop of expectations and demands on the coattails of a candidate who was openly corrupt as the last candidate they had installed at 1600, though his corruption wasn't as openly known before his arrival in the Oval Office. This time, their candidate had a proven track record of pay for play, had the blood of Americans on her hands and had openly stated that Americans needed to respect the terrorists who wanted to kill as many of us as they possibly could.

They were salivating at the possibilities looming on the horizon, how many more Constitutional Rights that could be stymied, diluted or destroyed in total when their hallowed candidate slid into the digs she'd already enjoyed once before when her husband was enjoying a nice cigar with a toothy intern between the paid appointments booked into the Lincoln bedroom.

They watched as the Right had their candidates fold while the media attacked them, leaving only one candidate standing, and that candidate galvanized the Left controlled media.

After the election results came in, which astonished everyone, even those who voted for the winner despite feeling that it would be a lost cause, the intolerance of those who demanded tolerance of everyone else was Biblical in scope.

The threat of having our laws unfettered and enforced after an eight hear hiatus was too horrific to bear. The notion of free speech being a two way street was unbearable. The thought of Americans being proud to be American, to believe that we are, as a nation, exceptional and worthy of pride, and putting our needs as a nation first was so agonizing to the Left that they had to take to the streets and airwaves to demand immediate impeachment of the incoming POTUS.

After eight years of demoralization, the freeze of law enforcement and the quashing of Constitutional rights, there is hope that our nation's trajectory is upward, not the downward spiral we have endured.

The exhausting temper tantrums of the Left reminds us that things have been pushed so far out of the boundaries of common sense, common courtesy and simple propriety that a recalibration is not only in order, it is a necessity if our nation is to recover and then thrive.

That recalibration is coming and it is long overdue.

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