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To no one's surprise, the AMA House of Delegates, a gang of ivory-tower academics and other leftists elected the other ivory-tower academics and other leftists that somehow made it through med school, voted today to re-affirm the AMA's support of the unconstitutional "individual mandate." Evidently, these people believe they will be rewarded with membership in the inner circle once the socialist takeover of what was once called "The United States of America" is complete.

Dear reader, please, please, please, oh please, do not be taken in by the headlines in the lamestream media tomorrow, which will be along the lines of "Doctors Re-Affirm Support of Obama's Health Care Plan." No such thing happened and nothing could be further from the truth. Not even one in five Doctors is a member of the AMA, so it represents only a small minority of Doctors. Further, the leadership is made up of the academics and government employees because they're the ones with enough time to be AMA officers--because the rest of us--the reall Doctors are too busy with managing our practices, dealing with intrusive government regulations, feeding our families, and, well, TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS. So, while the leftists with MD's are playing Monica to Obama's Bill this week, the real Doctors are working desparately trying to put food on the table.

Obviously, I am one of the 83+% of Doctors who are not members of the AMA. I am a member of the NC Medical Society and my county Medical Society, but I have not paid any dues to the AMA for more than a decade and I cannot foresee that I ever will again. The AMA truly does not represent American Doctors and we do not support it.

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Excellent point Shrinque. It seems like leadership in lots of organizations develop an elitist attitude as they become increasingly more isolated from the group they are supposed to represent.
Good to know. I have long felt that the AMA Is simply a political group and not representative of doctors at large. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.
Thanks for that bit of information. Not that I'm surprised but I bet 83+% of Americans would be. B)
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