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Altman, Robert

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Posted 15 April 2003 - 08:18 AM

Robert Altman


Who’s the Joke?


"This present government in America I just find disgusting, the idea that George Bush could run a baseball team successfully--he can't even speak! I just find him an embarrassment. I was over here [Britain] when the election was on and I couldn't believe it -and I'm 76 years old. Then when the Supreme Court came in and turned out to be a totally political animal, the last shred of any naiveté that was left in me has gone. When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke."

Source: ArtistNetwork.org

Promises, promises…


"If George W. Bush is elected president, I'm leaving for France."

Source: NationalReview.com

At a film festival in Deauville, France:


“[it would be a] catastrophe for the world if George Bush is elected. You won't see me for dust. I for one will be leaving the country and living in France."

Source: Counterpunch.org


When American press got wind of his feelings, Altman back-pedaled.
To the New York Daily News:


"Here's what I really said. I said that if Bush gets elected, I'll move to Paris, Texas, because the state will be better off if he's out of it."

Source: Celiberal.com


"It [shooting a film in Britain] was the best experience of my life, with actors and with crews -the whole process. If you asked would I live in London the rest of my life, yeah, I'd be very happy to stay here. There's nothing in America that I would miss at all."

Source: ArtistNetwork.org

How to find contact information... RightNation.US

His Work:

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