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Behar, Joy

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Posted 31 May 2004 - 04:26 PM

Joy Behar


Write in crayons for President Bush to understand
From a discussion on the February 19 airing of The View, the daytime ABC program created and produced by Barbara Walters.


Former CBS News reporter Meredith Vieira segued from a discussion about the popularity in Britain of penis extension surgery, to the war protests: "[President Bush] will not be deterred from war against Iraq if he thinks that's what we need to do. He says that he's not going to decide policy based upon a focus group. He believes that the role of a leader -- and he has a point here -- the role of a leader is to decide policy based upon the security of the people."
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, raising her voice: "But he's the leader of the people!"
Vieira: "Right."
Curtis, very loudly: "So then what is he talking about that it's a focus group? That was millions of people! That is not a focus group. Fifteen people, you know, talking about a movie plot is a focus group. That was millions of the people that he's supposed to serve."
[Left coast audience applauds]
Barbara Walters: "Does anybody remember 'hell no we won't go'?"
Curtis: "Yeah."
Vieira: "Oh sure, Vietnam, absolutely."
Walters: "The Vietnam War, in great part, ended -- and it caused Lyndon Johnson to resign -- it ended because of the people's will, the public protests."
Joy Behar: "I think it cost a lot by then, too."
Walters: "Well, you know, you can have arguments on both sides."
Vieira: "Right, but for example he would point out that there were isolationists before World War II, and he does, and that if FDR had listened to them and we had not gone to war, would that have been the right thing?"
Behar: "Well, you know, what I think we should do is draw up a petition, everybody sign in crayon, and then he'll understand."

Source: MediaResearch.org

"Bush's Fault" Conspiracy Theorist:
Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) was taken to the hospital and had emergency brain surgery. During the live broadcast of "The View" the next day, the co-stars were discussing the situation. Behar interrupted Dari Alexander to say:


"Is there such a thing as a man-made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to him?"

When fellow co-star Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked her why everything with liberals had to be a conspiracy Behar replied:


"I know what this–that party is capable of."

Unfortunately for Joy, it had already been reported that Sen. Johnson had been diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a congenital condition.


Compares Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler
During a discussion about Time Magazines decision to name "you" (the public) as their "Person of the Year":


"You have to put like a Hitler type. Like, you put Donald Rumsfeld there or something."

The comment brought jeers, while O'Donnell, visibly stunned, sucked in air through clenched teeth before Behar turned to the audience and pleaded: "What I mean is, put somebody [on the cover] who gets a reaction."

Her explanation the next day was equally lame:


"I don't think Rumsfeld is an evil person in his heart, I just think he did some terrible things in this war, and he was very controversial. Why not put his [face] on the cover of Time magazine?"


How to find contact information... RightNation.US

Her Work:

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