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Another of those 'things'

OK, everyone should have seen this commercial on TV by now.
Dairy Queen is touting the 25th anniversary of an ice cream treat they sell, called a "Blizzard".
I don't do ice cream much any more, and have never had a "Blizzard", so I have no idea if it's any good. I'll assume it is, because things don't get to a 25th anniversary in the business world if there isn't a customer base.
So, there have been a series of ad's on television the last few weeks, "staring" the same 'family', all dealing with the DQ "Blizzard" and the 25th anniversary.
The current one is about some, limited time only, smaller size container of the product.
The scene is at night, in a residential neighborhood, any town USA. There is a well lit up DQ Truck, behind it is parked the minivan of this 'family'. THe two kids are sound asleep in the back seats, the mom and dad are in the front seats, with the seats fully reclined, eating "Blizzards".
I've seen the ad several times. That is, I've noticed it was on, but wasn't really paying any attenti0on to it. As I said, I've never had one, and am not interested in trying one.
Anyway, I was looking at the TV screen and noticed something that simply blows my mind.
In the lower left hand corner of the screen, in a translucent text are the words "Closed course. Do not attempt."
Don't attempt what?
Eating ice cream in a parked minivan in a neighborhood full of homes?
What the hell have we become that we as a Country have to have liability limitation warnings (Litigation Labels) on an Ice Cream commercial?

Feel free to ad others I have missed. I mean this one has been on TV for a couple of weeks, and I just noticed the "Warning" today.

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I will have to watch that commercial closer. I never pay attention to it either. The actual commercial makes no sense. Anyway, now I will have to look.
The lawyers run the world.
You have obviously never had a Blizzard before. There are several dangers to eating a Blizzard in your car in anytown USA with the kids sleeping in the back seat.

1) A mugger, realizing that the DQ truck driver is trained in 16 forms of martial arts (to defend the Blizzard) would take the easier target of the people in the car.

2) The kids could wake up in the presence of the Blizzard, and in a blind and sleep deprived rage kill their own parents for the Blizzard. In fact, it's likely the kids were manequins, not trained actors

3) You could slip into a happiness induced coma, and not know where you are when you wake up.

Eat blizzards in a responsible manner: at home or in the local Dairy Queen.

Anyway, yeah I know where you're comming from. It's the same reason we have "do not injest" printed on pesticides. So simple answer? The average IQ is 100, half the population is at or BELOW 100, and the odds are pretty good that they can do something stupid and convince a jury of 12 other stupid people that the thing they did wasn't stupid.
Was this possibly the commercial where the wife/mother crawls out on the hood of the speeding car in order to secure the treasure of “The Blizzard” for her family?

If so then in this mega-litigious post-Jackass world in which we find ourselves, “fine print” is the LEAST one can do to try and inoculate oneself from the Lunatic Fringe.

You know: Hey, that’s emulatable; and I’m too damn stupid to know any better!

MADGestic, on Aug 23 2010, 08:39 PM, said:

Was this possibly the commercial where the wife/mother crawls out on the hood of the speeding car in order to secure the treasure of "The Blizzard" for her family?

No, that was the previous one in the series, I believe.
And I don't recall seeing the liability disclaimer on that one, but it was happenstance that I noticed it on the one I'm mentioning.
In this one the scene is at night, and while the truck appears to be idling, the minivan is shut off.
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