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Credit Where Credit Is Due

OK, so this morning I was watching my DVR of The Greatest Show in the History of Television (or at least in the Last Week of January, 2009, So Far), "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" on FNC (Tuesday-Saturday @ 3 AM Eastern--check your local listings) and one of the guests on the panel was Temple University Professor Marc Lamont "You Big Dummy!" Hill. Many of you know "ML'YBD'H" from his frequent appearances on O'Reilly, where he argues with Bill about the issues of the day, always being an amerikkka-hating, race-baiting, logic and fact eschewing, knee-jerk socialist (like so many angry Black men in the Academy). To be honest, I was looking forward to Greg and Patty Ann Brown (another panelist) to verbally beat Hill like a rug.

But I was, very pleasantly, surprised. Hill was funny. Very funny, in fact. He was quick with the witty repartee' and managed to keep up with the other panel members. With his tongue planted firmly in cheek, he poked fun at the type of knee-jerk leftism and racist comments that he was spewing and was great with some big-time self-deprecation. He took the ribbings from the other panel members as well as he gave them. It was great, simply great. And it made me wonder how much of his blather on O'Reilly is an act. Seriously, I have to wonder now.

So, I will give credit where credit is due: I have found a deep respect for Marc Lamont Hill. I may not agree with a word he says, but I respect him and really like what I see now. I can't wait to see him back on "Red Eye." Geez, I hope that Greg books Ann Coulter on the same night. How much fun would that be?

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