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I was up at about 8 and there was one moment of silence observed on the White House lawn on the news. The first plan into the Trade Center. Then, the show switched to what shoe goes best with the latest fall fashions this year. This was a morning show hosted out of New York.

President Obama called for us to have a day of service. Again, his same old mantra of America taking responsibilty and not him. What service does he mean? Bike to work to save energy? Grow our own veggie gardens?

I did see a quick burb that there was a Memorial at the Pentagon. Oh, and later learned that Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington held moments of silence---though not much announced on the radio.

No music. No patriotic music. Nothing. I had to actually look to see if the Senate held a moment of silence. When Michael Jackson died, now that was all over the news.

We are forgetting. Alot have forgotten. I did read Tilly's story, like I do every year. I had my music playing through my earpiece during work w/ patriotic songs. Noone spoke about 9/11.

I guess it bores alot of people now. Or, they just don't care.

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

George Santayana, 1905
Much has been said over the years about how America is an "in the moment" country.
How we invented "fast" everything.
How we are a Nation of instant gratification.
How we have absolutely no patience with much of anything.
A mere eight years after the single most emotionally destructive day in our short history, and we have in large part returned to a 9/10/01 mentality.
We spend our time worrying about things we have some control over, leaving those we deem beyond our control someone else's problem.
And we have again elected a President who sees the signs, intel the rest of us never see, and determines that it's a criminal matter.
And we live our lives with the "hope" that whatever it is/was that so angered our enemies, doesn't happen again.
If nothing else, the last eight months should have shown Americans that depending on"Hope" is a fools paradise.
Actually I think the Israelis have the right attitude about this sort of thing. When the bad guys get a lucky punch in, don't dwell on it - Just pick yourself back up, do what needs to be done in retaliation and to prevent it next time, and move on. Life in America shouldn't revolve around some insignificant a$$wipe in a cave in Kandahar or his cohorts. The moment it does, then they've won.

So, no, I didn't do anything special on September 11th this year. Nor did I do anything special on August 24th on account of the British burning down the White House on that date in 1814, and I most likely won't do anything special on December 7th.
You must have been watching the wrong network. Fox had a lot on during the day. In fact I had to turn it off because sometimes it is just too raw.
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