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Just thinking about all the asinine (surprise!) things celebs do when a crisis is at hand and the two cents they manage to throw in. The ones I have come up with are pretty lame but I imagine you all have some that are better. Please feel free to add on... It can be a celeb fund raiser, donations, posters, etc.

Tom Hanks is donating the beloved shrimping boat, Jenny, used in Forrest Gump.
“I feel deeply about the loss from the shrimping industry in the Gulf. Jenny would be best served shrimping. That’s her magic and that’s how the magic of Bubba Gump shrimp made Forrest millions. Jenny would be a symbol to never give up.”

Pamela Anderson has also joined with PETA to raise money. Ms. Anderson will be working with wildlife rescue washing off oil slicked pelicans while in the nude with oil balls appropriately placed on her body.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and a number of other Hollywood Scientologists have chartered the Sea Org.

Gwenyth Paltrow adds,”I knew the name of my blog, GOOP, was going to have a profound and very deep meaning someday. I just knew in my heart this was the thing to do.”

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This looks like a job for The Wonder Twins!
Sean Penn donated his red cup. It hasn't been used since Katrina so it's still in perfectly good shape. He had gracefully declined going down and using it himself. He feels the need to help someone else experience the joy of doing a good deed and helping another in need.

This could be fun, Dublin!
Any given member of the lib mass media. They're the biggest scum-suckers around!
Travolta could have donated his pocket combs from his Carrie/Kotter/Grease days… but we’re looking for solutions, not aggravating factors. ;)

Kilmerfan, on Jun 7 2010, 09:12 AM, said:

This looks like a job for The Wonder Twins!

Form of… a top hat!!!
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