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Revolution. In Mexico

I wrote about this seven years ago (canít find the post, though), and it looks like it worked...

From Vice:


Seven years ago, the people of CherŠn ó a town of some 20,000 inhabitants in the highlands of MichoacŠn, one of the Mexican states worst-affected by the drug wars of the last decade ó decided it was time to start over. And now, after they've kicked out all the criminals, cops, and politicians, things couldn't be going better.

If you read the article, youíll notice two things:

1. They strictly control their borders and are extremely wary of outside influence. This is important because ALL of the changes to our political system and culture here in the US came from outside. In. The past, it was possible to change immigration policies to prevent those influences from becoming too powerful without being labeled a racist. Not anymore. If youíre going to support policies that mitigate foreign influence, youíre going to be called a racist.

2. They donít allow free speech. It has become manifestly clear that free speech in the US is a sham. All the past efforts of the left to expand the definition of free speech and to apply it to all levels of government were meant not to strengthen first amendment rights but to abolish obscenity laws and protect obscenity. Whether their true agenda was an overall weakening of the culture or the destruction of local communities is irrelevant; they accomplished both. All the hand wringing from libertarians over the dangers of anti-communism has been proven misguided. You donít allow free speech to those who seek to enslave you. Theyíre not playing by your rules.

Itís interesting because this happened in a small town in Georgia just after World War II. A corrupt sheriff refused to abide by the results of an election, so a bunch of war veterans got their gunsóand some TNTóand took their town by force. Even more interesting is that Mexico just elected a full on socialist (all of Mexicoís political parties are socialist, so Iím not sure why this guy is so different). Will he stand for this kind of local initiative? Think about who was president at the end of World War II. Truman, Iím convinced, was at least a fellow traveler. He didnít intervene in the Georgia situation. Maybe this AMLO person wonít either. If heís the populist he claims to be, he wonít.

His call for an invasion of the US is another issue.

My Mind is Clean

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Well the tree of Tamale's must be refreshed from time to time with the Salsa and cohones of Patriots..


kestrel, on 23 July 2018 - 08:25 PM, said:

Well the tree of Tamale's must be refreshed from time to time with the Salsa and cohones of Patriots..Kestrel...

Si mon.
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