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Friends. Never had that 'problem', thinking that current friends were of the life long stripe. Mainly, I suppose, because I was an "Army Brat", never in one place for more then 2 or 3 years. Dad would get reassigned, or the Father of friends would, and so I learned early in life that one was 'better' off to acknowledge acquaintances, rather then friends. When the inevitable departure of people you know from your daily life occured, much less painful.
Add in the 24 year Active Duty Navy career immediately upon graduation from High School, and I can honestly count the number of people I encountered and consider life long friends on one hand. And only one of them am I in any kind of regular contact with.
Not an endorsement of the life, but the reality of having grown up in an environment where people came and went much more often then in 'normal'.
I have "discovered" that one consequence of growing up with that kind of stand off friend mindset is a dearth of friends later in life.
Not really an issue that concerns me on a day-to-day basis, but it certainly can be a problem if/when one finds that a friend or two would be a source of relief from daily life.

Spirituality. Now there is an area that you and I seem to agree upon. "a feeling of connectedness to something larger then oneself." Pretty good, IMO, description of something that most all human beings need. Even if many do not seek out a "Religious" connection, there are damn few who choose a hermit life, devoid of connections with much of anything, or anyone, beyond those few who might be vital to basic survival.

Money. "And if as a teen I had developed a sense that there are some things more important than "things"… I'd be in far better shape today." Wouldn't we all?

Advice. Sex. The Future.

I must say that I don't find any particular ideas to disagree with, which is kind of odd, as I generally find that there are few people on this Earth that can express a 'Philosophy', and not provoke a disagreement with me! :)
Guess that goes to show that, on many levels, people see things more or less the same way as life experiences shape their view.
Thank you for your thoughtful response; I appreciate it. :)
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