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It seems like a simple enough situation, but a microcosm of what's wrong with govt.

Being a Sprint cell service customer for some time, I received a 'thank you for your patronage' card in the mail. No promotion, no sales pitch, just a friendly thank you, a PR move if you will.

The problem is this Sprint representative put a 45 cent stamp on the card's envelope. Current postage is 46 cents, evidently, and apparently Sprint is a little behind the times or behind in using up their prepaid postage stamps.

So...accompanying the letter was a small, empty manilla envelope from our dutiful USPS asking me to pay the postage due of one red cent.

Now, overlooking the fact that Sprint screwed up and this card was completely unsolicited from me, let's think about the effort the govt is taking to get their precious penny back.

First, the cost of this envelope has to be at least a penny or close to it, the time the mailman took to write out the postage due on this envelope was a few minutes, getting the pen out, entering our address, filling in the line 'postage due' - 1 cent, and then totaling it all at the bottom again, 'total due' - 1 cent, signing his name and carrier number and placing the envelope in our box along with the rest of our daily mail.

Then, of course, this all has to be processed by someone once it arrives back at the main Post Office. And we all know how precious mail carrier's time is based on a cursory glance at the USPS balance sheet.

All for a penny; a piece of currency that takes more money to produce it than it's worth.

Good job, Sprint. Buy Forever stamps from now on so the model of efficiency that is the USPS can further improve their operations.

And good job USPS, you don't disappoint when you want to display your inefficient and failing business model that people like me pay to support.

But I get the last laugh: I'm holding on to the envelope with the penny sealed in it for a few weeks just to spite them (don't tell Eric Holder). Just think of all the interest on that penny I'm screwing them out of.

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It's a shame you don't have a Canadian penny you could "accidentally" send them. By the time they receive your payment, process it, and (IF!) they realize it's not American currency, they might just go to the expense of sending you another bill! :lol:

...At taxpayer expense. Suddenly not so funny. :(
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