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. . . but not, alas, ala Yogi.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1950s and '60s - as I am - will no doubt remember the rhetoric spewed by the USSR. It was frustrating and infuriating to listen to the Soviet Prime Minister, Tass and Pravda as they hurled incendiary and vitriolic invective at the West (that's the USA, Britain and Western Europe for more recent victims of public school history classes). What doubled down on the teeth-gnashing was that every dastardly, underhanded act of international imperialism the Soviets accused the West of perpetrating was not only totally false, but was precisely what the USSR was, in fact, busily conducting. The Soviets took Dr. Goebbels's "Big Lie" theory and developed it to a near art form,substituting shrillness and a virtual tsunami of verbiage for any basis in fact. It was truly sad to see how many fell for it. To those who just cannot believe it was all that bad, I can only say: go do some honest research.

Fast forward to present day America and take an unbiased look at the rhetoric being offered by the political left: Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, etc. In fact, go back over the past 11 years and try to find one whit of difference between that and the USSR's of 50 years ago. I can't, with one exception: it's happening here, within our own borders. I find it disgusting, despicable -- and terrifying. This Nation has never been closer to becoming socialist state or, worse, a theocracy.

The November elections were a good start; it is now absolutely critical to maintain, sustain and increase that momentum from now until 2012 - and beyond. Jefferson was correct: the price of liberty is eternal vigilance . . .

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