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The desire of a young adult to live free of their parents says something of liberty. At some point, the security of reliable provision begins to pale in comparison to the allure of freedom. The ability to personalize a home, keep chosen hours, and freely associate with others is deemed worth the cost of independent living.
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NewsRealBlog recently hosted a series of articles revisiting the well-tread abortion debate. Given the fact all participants were credentialed conservatives, the nature of argument was quite unique. The question was not so much whether abortion is wrong, but how much it actually matters in the real world. Surely, in the current political...
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In our political discourse, there are many words and phrases which mean entirely different things to different people. Justice, charity, and “the common good” come to mind. When Glenn Beck began warning people to run from houses of worships which preach “social justice” earlier this year, many critics took it as a stand against charity....
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Upon learning that federal officials have solicited help from Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron to brainstorm solutions for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I was reminded of the closing track from William Shatner’s under-appreciated 2004 spoken word album Has Been.
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