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No,not that I am blogging on RN again after almost three years, although I understand the sentiment. I'm asking if anyone is surprised about what Putin is doing and Obama's pitiful response. It was clear from the get-go that Putin, former head of the KGB, intends to resurrect the Soviet Union. Practically everything he has done since...
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To no one's surprise, the AMA House of Delegates, a gang of ivory-tower academics and other leftists elected the other ivory-tower academics and other leftists that somehow made it through med school, voted today to re-affirm the AMA's support of the unconstitutional "individual mandate." Evidently, these people believe they...
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The 5th Quarter

As Yogi Berra said, "it's deja vu all over again": Hollywood, football, a tragic death, and a big part of my life have once again come together and a great movie is the result. "The 5th Quarter" joins "Brian's Song," "Radio," and "We Are Marshall" as a product of all those elements. Take...
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Credit Where Credit Is Due

OK, so this morning I was watching my DVR of The Greatest Show in the History of Television (or at least in the Last Week of January, 2009, So Far), "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" on FNC (Tuesday-Saturday @ 3 AM Eastern--check your local listings) and one of the guests on the panel was Temple University Professor Marc Lamont "You Big...
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"But the one thing we know for a fact is that President-Elect Obama is not tainted," assured the African-American woman in Fox and Friends' "Pundit Pool" this morning. She was, of course, referring to any taint from any potential wrongdoing by Obama's (now former) Secretary of Commerce Designate, Governor Bill...
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