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This past Thursday, I had my angiogram and now Iíve got the black-and-blue groin to prove it. But itís not a bruise, really, so it doesnít actually hurt. The upshot of the whole thing is that they indeed did find a blockageóa 90% blockage in a small vessel that branches off from the left anterior descending artery. *Sigh* So they had me do another ECHO cardiogram the next morning and are consulting with the transplant team about what to do next. They could do open-heart surgery, but luckily the surgeon says that probably wonít be necessaryówhew! He wants to do a stent, which is what they usually do, but itís a little complicated because the blockage is right at the confluence of those two arteries. Itís such a teeny area, if you look at a picture of the heart! So Iím hoping to get notified and have an appointment very soon. Iíd have to go on Plavix for 6 months, so that will put off the transplant for six months, but I think I will be on the list during that time anyway. When I get off the Plavix, I can than go ahead with the transplant as soon as they have something.

In talking with my nephrologist here, he said this is very typical for this kind of transplant, because it is only done on Type I diabetics and most of us are not kids when we need a transplant and being a Type I virtually always causes some heart problems. He wasnít surprised or even very worried at all. He expected as much and is treating it as just one of the steps necessary. Heís very encouraging and been involved in a lot of these things and his very upbeat about my case.

It was a strange couple of days in the hospital, though. We got there 2 hours early (after 4 hours on the road!) because I misunderstood the timing. Oh, well. Then we checked in at noon so the angiogram could happen at 2:30. Well, 2:30 came and went, and I finally got in at 5:30! I got out at 6:30 and then had to lay flat for 3 Ĺ hours to make sure I wasnít bleeding from the hole in my groin. I finally got discharged at 11:30 at night, had to go back to the hotel, and then be back at 8:00 for the ECHO! But I didnít get mad or anything. I figure if they are taking that kind of care for whatever surgery before me caused the delay, thatís the kind of care they will give me, so thatís OK. Iím just glad I blocked out two days in Seattle.

It was funny about the ECHOóthey had me take off my top, put on a gown and lay on my side. Then they spread some warm goo (itís an ultrasound), and rubbed my chest with that smooth little handle thing. A-h-h! I fell asleep! It apparently didnít matter it was a couple of women, but it had been a long day the day before, and face it, it felt nice.

On the way home, we stopped by the apartment that my folks have rented for all of us for the year, that I will have first-dibs on when Iím having my medical things. What a fabulous thing! And it will allow my family to visit me very easily. Itís in the Queen Anne area of Seattle which, as locals know, is a cool area of Seattle. A high School friend of my folks owns it and he had an opening on the ground flooróperfect! And itís close to UW. We went and took pictures and actually met the woman who lives above us and she was really nice. I hope her seeing us was reassuring. I donít mind saying, but we are perfect tenantsóquiet and neat.

So, except for the delay, which was really disappointing, everything seems to still be going well. And I think I can still get this done within the year Iíve secretly given myself to accomplish my goal.

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I'm praying for you. (Thanks for keeping us updated.)
Any updates?
Yes, see my PM to you! I am now strong enough to do my next entry and it was a scene. Things not everyone ( including me) has heard of. Thanks!
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