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Religion Forum Rules - Anyone violating these rules will be banned from this forum

Forum Rules

Religion Forum Rules

All faiths are welcomed and have a voice. Please understand that most every statement made in this forum and its sub-forums are opinions -- no matter how loudly some may scream or feel they are right. They are opinions. State your opinions without violating our board rules, and extend to others the same courtesy and respect by allowing them to state theirs. There is no doubt that some opinions will make you angry. Those are the times when you must exercise restraint. If you are rolling your eyes or feel I am asking too much, this is not the forum for you. You will eventually be banned from here. Spare everyone the drama. Stop reading and leave now.

Main Religion Forum:

This area is for general religious issues, article posting and debates. Debates, not holy wars. You will respect each other as human beings and exhibit some civility while debating. If you are too emotional or sensitive to discuss religious issues civily, do not post in this forum.

Religious bigots, gay-bashers, racists, mentally unstable people and anyone who is constantly attacking other members will be banned not only from this forum, but from the site.

Religion Sub-forums:

The sub-forums are provided so you may learn, share experiences and get to know each other. They are to remain civil at all times. Since they are a reflection of you and your faith, I am sure you will all be on your best behavior. :)

Do not enter any of the sub-forums unless you are fairly open-minded, even-tempered and have a genuine desire to learn or understand more about that faith or denomination. If you do not like what you see in a sub-forum, leave without posting a word and do not enter it again. NEVER enter any of the sub-forums with the intention of ridiculing or convincing the people of that faith or denomination that they are wrong. Religion is something that very few have an open mind about, so do not risk banishment by making futile attempts to sway their beliefs. You will not convince them that their way of thinking is wrong no matter how much "evidence" you provide or how loudly you scream. They will defend their beliefs the same way you do yours. If they have a genuine desire to learn more about your faith and beliefs, they will visit your sub-forum.

Anyone violating these rules will be banned from this forum, and depending on your history and warn log, banned from the site.

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