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Potpourri; and Sum Kina Soup

Potpourri; and Sum Kina Soup

Happy Thanksgiving!

It turned out to be a very nice day weather-wise, and hopefully in most other aspects for everyone. :)

Today I did my traditional Thanksgiving Day Drive. No, not to go visiting; to see what’s open around here. I get nervous thinking I might not find a Dunkin Donuts that’s open… but I always do. Just have to drive a bit further than usual (like 20-miles)… so I took the STi and listened to Rainbow to make it more palatable. Traffic did get a little silly at one point but I was able to scoot around it.

I had defrosted some chicken thighs in the fridge so I’d have something to grill. I’d like to say that I had planned to make a thing but… well… there wasn’t much planning involved: Grilled chicken thighs and uhhh… whatever… meat first, right?

There I go, into the fridge for the condiments to make the grilling sauce. Since I’ve been eating more chicken, I’ve been working on this mustard-beer-hot sauce-cinnamon-pepper thing, trying to get it just right. Yeah, it sounds odd, but I’ve been working it… a sort of Jerk Fusion thing… (and I’m the jerk who eats it!) Added a little balsamic vinegar tonight but, like the alcohol, it mostly cooked off… trial and error… adventurous cooking.

Washed the thighs, patted them dry, was mixing up the sauce… when I did one of those Scooby Doo double-takes (ah-roo?). Were those fresh vegetables in the fridge? Oh my goodness, what are those doing in there… a bachelor’s refrigerator? Okay, maybe they weren’t the “freshest” of fresh vegetables… but what the heck, more to grill.

Brief Tangent: The veggies were in there for the same reason that I’ve been eating more chicken… the “healthy eating” thing that I’ve previously mentioned. Hey, don’t knock it; I bumped my HDL (“good”) cholesterol into the normal range, cut my triglycerides by a third; and since April, when the doctor “suggested” that I lose 5-10 pounds… I’ve lost twelve: 190# to 177.5# (take THAT ya bastid). Even though I think the BMI (Body Mass Index) thing is borderline [baloney]… (especially since I became “overweight” because I lost an inch of HEIGHT)… I beat it anyway. (Look it up: Male, 5’11”, 177.5#... by a nose!) I dunno what everyone complains about; this is a snap: all you have to do is lose your enjoyment of eating and smoke more cigarettes. See how easy it is to be healthy? ;-)

Here’s where it gets funky; the “vegetables” were… (okay, maybe I should say “produce” instead)… the PRODUCE were: Sweet Onions, Celery (which I discovered too late to put on the grill), and… PARSNIPS. I bought the parsnips because I wanted to try them in chicken soup, and because the carrots at the store didn’t look so hot that night…

(Carrots didn’t LOOK so hot… get it? LOOK? if you “get it” then you’re a nerd; and if you don’t get it then just ask me to explain.) :-)

Sweet Onions on the grill are a staple; just slice them in half and tuck them in a corner… you don’t even have to skin them because the outer layer is there to keep the innards moist. Just brush away the dry, flaky bits before you do, and put those in your kitchen composter. The parsnips I skinned and trimmed like carrots, and just threw them on the grill as well… (using a “grill buddy” so they wouldn’t fall through). They were softer and a bit seared by the time the chicken was done.

But once I broke out the chicken and veggies… and even though I was grilling… I was thinking “chicken soup”… some kind of meaty, marrowy, brothy-frothy, veggie, yummy, HEALTHY chicken soup; IOW:


So as I was grilling, I also got a pot boing. (Ummm… let’s try that again….) So as I was grilling, I also got a pot BOILING.

The trimmed bits of celery and parsnips went in there. When everything came off the grill, a half onion, all the chicken skin and bones, and a couple of larger parsnip bits went in there as well. Thus the RENDERING could begin! (I wonder how many horror movies actually used the term “rendering”? This kind of thing keeps me up at night.) Yes, the chicken skin must not be eaten because that is not HEALTHY (see above). Instead it must be RENDERED… because when you finally set aside your broth, a skin of chicken fat not only adds flavor; like chocolate pudding, it also seals it in better than Saran Wrap.

So how did Sum Kina Soup turn out?

I DON’T KNOW… it’s still reducing up there. Why the heck do you think I’m sitting here writing all this… for my HEALTH? :-)

It was either this or continuing to play Sid Meier’s Pirates: Live the Life… (Game of the Year ***cough cough 2004 cough***)… for another umpteen hours. I’m tired of dancing with Governor’s daughters… (and you don’t get to say THAT every day).

Speaking of which… I’ve been striving to come up with clever [Captain]-[Flagship] names. I first played the default (Captain Incognito) but then had to mess around… so my first try was:

[Captain] Paddy O’Torch… and his flagship, the “Ruddy Complexion”. (See where I’m going with this?) Lately I’ve taken to naming my flagship “Squidward’s Ghost” just so it stands out; but I’m still looking for clever combos. My best so far? [Captain]-[flagship]:


More later.


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