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Potpourri 03/05/10

Potpourri 03/05/10

Kitty Ring Tone-

I tend to keep my leather jackets a good long time… even longer than my cars since it’s so hard to “crash” or “total” a leather jacket. In fact, I’ve had my current jacket so long that the Thinsulate® liner is in shreds; and if anyone can tell me where to get some Thinsulate® duct tape I would be ever grateful because I really love this jacket. It was the first I ever bought that had a dedicated cell phone “pocket”… indeed I had the pocket before I even had a cell phone, that’s how long I’ve been wearing it; and that is how utilitarian it is.

Say you’re walking down the sidewalk and from out of nowhere comes a tiny mewling kitten… totally lost, defenseless, and it’s gonna die unless you do something… so what do you do? You scoop it up and put it in your pocket… right?

(See where I’m going with this?)

I think it would be totally freaky if your cell phone ring tone emitted a ***mew mew mew*** tiny kitty plea from inside your jacket… especially when you’re in an elevator… and wouldn’t it REALLY freak them out if you actually HAD a kitten in your pocket?!!

***mew mew mew***

Oops, ‘scusa me, gotta take this…


In his Sci-Fi classic novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, author Robert Heinlein had his protagonist opine that there are basically two kinds of jokes: “funny once” and “funny all the time”. I submit that there is a third kind of joke that deserves recognition: “funny in my own mind”. (AKA: "Not funny if I have to explain it.")

For No Apparent Reason-

Making And Keeping Friends; A Self-Help Guide

(Oh I am SO tempted to name some names!)


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