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Squinty & Meat Puppet: "Every Democrat But Joe Biden Is Wastin Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 21 May 2019 - 01:27 AM

Squinty & Meat Puppet: "Every Democrat But Joe Biden Is Wasting Our Time"

Diogenes' Middle Finger
Monday, May 20, 2019


During a recent MSNBC Morning Joe, Meat Puppet Mika implied that any of the other 21 22 23 Democrats besides current front-runner Joe Biden were just wasting their time. "You have one Democrat with such a resounding lead in the polls, and then so many others trying to get air time." Of course we all know Mika is not very bright. But in this case, she may have had a rare episode of lucidity.

I have my own doubts Biden would make it through the campaign and debates with DJT without popping a tube. Age has caught up with him. This is not the same guy who left office 18 months ago. He hasn't spoken seriously on one issue yet, all he is is bluster, and neither the energy nor the ambition to be president. He got name recognition but that's about it. He reminds too many people what a fraud the Obama years were. Biden may be ahead for now, but all the energy inside the Democratic Party seems to be with the uncompromising left. It sees ­Biden standing in the way of its complete takeover of the Democratic Party. So as his lead in the polls expands, their ­efforts to stop him, and his heretical calls for political compromise will ­no doubt escalate quickly.

I think Bernie is toast. That said, watch the coming months carefully for signs. Because I think Biden was talked into running, for one reason. And it's a sham.

The DNC itself has been taken over by non-traditional liberals (Speedy Perez) who, despite upbeat bull<censored> talk show appearances, fears they can't win the White House with their anti-white male turgidity, and sounding like the ghosts of Vladimir Lenin.


The Rest

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Posted 21 May 2019 - 10:45 AM

"Squinty & Meat Puppet"...LOL...But silly name-calling aside, the article hits several nails squarely on the head:

Biden is almost certain to get the Dem nomination UNLESS the Dems deliberately scuttle his campaign like they did to Bernie last time. That's always a distinct possibility - The Dems are nothing if not backstabbers, dishonest, cheaters, underhanded, etc. To all people with the full allotment of grey matter Biden is obviously way too far left...BUT...compared to the rest of the herd of candidates he's almost "middle of the road". The Dem base has been driven so far to the radical left by their utterly irrational Trump-hatred that "middle of the road" just ain't what they want.

And even if he does get the Dem nom, I just have to wonder if he has the pulling power to beat Trump in the general. Don't get me wrong: Unlike several others here at RN, I can't help thinking Biden would have a much better chance of beating Trump than any of the rest of those clown candidates. But enough to put him over the top? I just don't know.

Naturally I hope not. This country needs President Trump for 4 more years.


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