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Is it just me, or.....?

FOX News, and elsewhere, are reporting that the Communist Government owned Oil Company, CNOOC, is looking to invest some 2 billion dollars (1 billion in cash) to acquire a 33.3% stake in the control of some 600,000 acres of oil shale producing property.
I don't begin to understand all the nomenclature of oil leases and what not.
But I DO understand that it sure looks like a big chunk of American land with oil in/on/under it is going to have the Communist Chinese Government's hand "invested" in it.
How in the world does that make the USA less dependent on Foreign countries that do NOT have the best interests of the USA at heart?
As much as I hate seeing the Federal Government involved in American business, I'd rather the investment of that kind of money be made by our own government, then the Communist Chinese!
What the hell is going on?

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What the hell? And do not forget the House signed over our sovereignty to the UN.
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