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Ball, Marcia

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Posted 15 April 2003 - 08:20 AM

Marcia Ball


Marginally Intelligent President to Murder Children
From a message to her fan club on February 20, 2003:


"Here we are, a few months into the Bicentennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase, still finding our footing after September 11, 2001, chasing the wrong demons, starting a war, ignoring the needs of the elderly and poor people in our country and the world while allowing the biggest thieves in history to amass obscene fortunes, and spending the environment like there's no tomorrow...."

"..Now we're standing on the brink of war - brought here by the posturing of a marginally intelligent president and a group of power crazed manipulators with God knows what agenda. We who think this war is wrong, and there are so many of us, are talking to each other, demonstrating with each other. We remember what it took to move the government thirty years ago. Will it come to that again?..."

"...We have our cars and our bountiful stores and our computers and our stupid 'reality TV' but the reality is, we have no power. Fifty percent of the population of Iraq is under 15 years of age. Won't we be proud of dropping bombs on those children. Anti-war is not anti-American. Environmentalist is not a dirty word. If we don't say these things to the people who don't want to hear them, then we're letting them win."


Her fan club website: MarciaBall.com. Leave a message in her guestbook.
Note: It seems that she has placed some code in her web page that, if it senses the link originated from here, then it redirects you back to RightNation.US. You'll need to copy and paste the URL into a new browser window to go there. LOL!

Her Work:

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