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Precision Kitty Barfing

Precision Kitty Barfing

When I get home from work, I open up a small (~3-ounce) can of kitty "wet food" and DaGirls share it. A couple of nights ago, as I passed through the kitchen on my way to bed, I offhandedly noticed that Emma-Stella's dish was still full. About 3 slow steps later, I came to a full stop.

See, if Emma-Stella does not finish her meal (or especially her treats), her sister Lucy-Lulu is always there, batting cleanup. (Remember, Lucy is the big kitty who tramples me in bed when she feels hungry almost every morning.) In other words, there should not be any kitty dishes not licked clean. So, I decided to take a closer look.

Emma-Stella had barfed up her dinner, but she precisely and successfully projectile-targeted her food dish. Not kidding, absolutely no overspill onto the floor. The contents of the dish looked like Fancy Feast Beef Gravy-Lovers Delight because… well… that's exactly what it was.

I was going to take a picture but decided it was too gross… so instead I'm writing about it.

(This reminded me of a personal experience, several decades ago, when I saw my dear friend Vic drunkenly barf into a Gatorade bottle without spilling a drop. It was one the many remarkable achievements that made him the man he is today!).

Emma-Stella was "queasy" for about 24-hours, refusing her next meal and several treats which Lucy enthusiastically scarfed up (greedy, greedy Lucy). She has since recovered her appetite, and is back to her normal, sexy, silky self.

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I wish our cats were so neat. :lol:
Mine searches out the nearest rug, even if he has to travel 15 feet to get to it! Maddening, it is
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