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Karl Rove was on "Fox and Friends" this morning when the inevitable political guessing game came up. When asked who did he think Senator McCain should pick as his running mate, without a second of hesitation, he said "Mitt Romney!"

During the discussion, the subject came up of how one goes about choosing a Vice-presidential running-mate. Rove intimated that it depends on where one's priorities lay.

He threw out the usual criteria of making your selection based on region. For instance, he suggested Senator Obama possibly choosing Governor Tim Kaine in the hopes that he could deliver Virginia.

Next he mentioned making your selection based on who could help you govern. This is where most of us talk about choosing someone who is experienced in the area where the person running is lacking, though of course, Rove being the political genius that he is, would not use such terms. However, this is the point where Romney's name came up again. He also stated that Romney had already been vetted by the media during his presidential run so at least that would be one area where McCain would not need to worry.

He was asked if he knew that McCain was going to choose or at least if he was seriously considering Romney and he said, no, he had no idea. I truly believe he was telling the truth as he sounded quite sincere and almost disappointed with the thought that McCain was not going to choose Romney.

Rove also mentioned that there was a good possibility the McCain folks were mulling over twenty or so candidates since he recalled having about that many during Bush's VP selection process.

The one description I recall McCain using in the past when explaining what he was looking for in a running-mate, was someone who would carry on in the path that he started. While I do not believe McCain actually used the word 'he' but instead 'we', it was pretty obvious that was what he was implying.

My impression of McCain's response was that he was looking for a 'Yes' man that would not challenge him but would follow him, lock, stock and barrel. This makes me suspect that McCain is going to be the type of president that governs with a very, hands-on type of approach. I can see him getting so involved in the day-to-day details where he will fail to recognize the signs of upcoming trouble.

I can also see McCain automatically resisting the idea of choosing a running-mate who can help him govern because of his pride getting in the way of him ever admitting that he will need help leading.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope in the not too distant future that someone will be able throw my words right back in my face. In the meantime, I will personally be sure and do my neck exercises on a regular basis so I won't get a cramp looking up at all of the trial balloons flying by.

Elusively yours,

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Karl Rove wasn't disappointed about Romney not being chosen. It just makes perfect sense, Ilj.

Why in the heck would JMc choose anyoneo who would lose him millions of votes?

Hoofa. That's a lot of votes.


FS3, on Aug 6 2008, 12:41 AM, said:

Karl Rove wasn't disappointed about Romney not being chosen. It just makes perfect sense, Ilj.

Why in the heck would JMc choose anyoneo who would lose him millions of votes?

Hoofa. That's a lot of votes.


So you don't respect Karl Rove's advice? What do you think about the idea of choosing a running mate who will help you to be a better President over one who might help you to win a few more votes? I always thought most of the pundits pretty much believed people voted the top of the ticket.

Do you not believe McCain is strong enough to attract votes on his own without having to pander to those with preconceived biases?
Good observations, ilja. I watched the Rove segment and came away with the same impression as to his thoughts on it all. I've become accustomed to disappointment in electoral outcomes this year (the two candidates I wanted to see win in yesterday's primary here for statewide offices also lost), and in McCain's choices, so I'm not holding my breath. If McCain does go with Romney, it will be a pleasant surprise. (And it also means a free lunch for me, compliments of a bet I have with Weasel. :hug: )
Well, we should all march on Washington (or where ever McCain is) with signs saying, "Please pick Mitt so Jax wins it."
(Or maybe, "Mitt's got punch. And wins Jax lunch.")

Mitt's the best deal, plus Jax wins a meal?

ilja, I'm so sick of politicians acting political instead of presidential. Actually, as long as I'm fantasizing about what McCain will do. . .
How about: Mitt gives Frankie the willies and will send Jax to Chilis?
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I think maybe we should all go for a drink and ask for the new drink....it is called the Bin Laden...2 shots and a splash of water :drinkers: :drinkers:

View PostBrian Fellow, on 15 December 2012 - 02:45 PM, said:

Sorry was busy reading a tweet from an adamant 'pro-choice' person about gun control and 'how many children have to die before we do something'?

http://i147.photobuc...%202/anj_up.gif A perfect example of both irony and hypocrisy.


John Mauldin relates the details of a conversation he had with John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

At the :50 Maudlin describes Boehner telling him that Obama has,
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If that is true, why do we see Boehner continually backing down and rolling over while Obama stands firm and never compromises?

View PostGertie Keddle, on 26 February 2013 - 06:34 AM, said:

'Cause he's a Campfire Girl?


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