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Click the link (Bubble Gum Wrapper) on your right to see an enlarged version of the comic titled "How to Argue Like a Conservative."
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Who's In Your Party?

A discussion broke out over at Vox Popoli, but I can't remember what it was about. Anyway, the Original Cyberpunk came up with this:
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More Goofy Pension Numbers

The debate over pensions is raging at my alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona. In typical fashion, the leftist vanguard is hyping non-existent injustice and revealing its hypocricy at the same time. In an article in the local rag, The Daily Bulletin, Esther Chou offers George Diehr's explanation of how the world will end:
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Go over to Dailykos and read this gem: Proof that Conservative Ideology Doesn't Work
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Bells and Wistles

Just a note about the little boxes on the side.
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If you've ever wondered when the term, "liberal" ceased to describe the political animal with an appetite for economic competition and a healthy fear of government, The New Republic has reprinted an article from June 1916 in which the term makes one of its earliest appearances to connote the policies of government intervention in the...
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"Working Retirement"

The lies have begun:
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Odd Thomas I understand the critics who didn't like the uneven tone. Way uneven. Still worth watching on Netflix.
Star Trek Into DarknessGood movie. Please, for the love of tribbles, let old Spock die.
Grown Ups 2 Critics, attack. Whatever you want to say about this one, I'm okay with it.
Thor: The Dark World Still very, very good. But I'd like an entire Thor movie set just in Asgard.